About Us

We’re a team of accountants and software developers with a passion for simplicity!

Where it all began…

We began developing Pandle back in July 2015 after realising the vast majority of accounting software over complicated even the simplest of bookkeeping tasks. After speaking to a number of small business owners it became clear that bookkeeping had become a daunting and time consuming task, rife with mistakes brought about by overly complex accounting software.


Months Development



Our Philosophy…

If it complicates the task of bookkeeping for the average small business, then we don’t include it in our software. We do not and will never try to cater for the 1% of businesses that need complex accounting features. If you need such features then Pandle possibly isn’t for you.

Our Mission…

Our mission statement is clear: create quick, simple and easy to use online accounting software that changes the way small businesses tackle their bookkeeping.


Combined Years Experience