Why Use Pandle?

Here’s just a sprinkling of reasons why businesses love us!

Accuracy & Efficiency

We know the most common types of errors that business owners make when entering transactions, which is why have developed a help modal which lets you know if there is a possibility that you have made an error on things like duplicate transactions, incorrect dates and incorrect categories. Furthermore the Pandle team will manually check your transactions once you have started entering them to ensure everything looks right. We will let you know if you are making any obvious mistakes.

Pandle has been designed to allow you to enter your transactions much faster than any other cloud bookkeeping system. With fewer places to enter transactions and lots of shortcut keys you will get through your bookkeeping in no time. Pandle offers all the benefits of a cloud based system without any of the time consuming drawbacks. Please see our guide on entering transactions efficiently.

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UK Friendly

Many cloud based bookkeeping systems are developed overseas and made generically to suit every country. This means that they are not always very strong in areas such as VAT, in particular cash accounting and the flat rate scheme. Pandle has been developed in the UK for the UK which means that it is much more compatible for a business in the UK.

Versatility & Flexibility

Error corrections and the ability to change your data within Pandle is very easy to do which means that you do not have to worry about making mistakes that will be difficult to rectify later on. We are able to offer you the option to add or change features within the software to make it bespoke to you. Our developers would be happy to give you a quotation for any customisations specific to your business that you would like.

Benefits of Recurring Transactions


Recommendations & Security

Pandle will inform you if it seems that you are paying above average for certain types of business expenditure. We will even recommend a supplier who will be able to provide you with a cheaper quote. We of course do not pass any of your details over to third parties without your permission first. We take the security of our user’s data very seriously. All of your personally identifiable data is stored using industry standard encryption techniques. We also back up your data every day meaning one less thing for you to consider!

VAT Handling & Accessibility

Pandle can handle the standard scheme and flat rate scheme as well as invoice based and cash accounting. Pandle takes care of the 1% discount on the flat rate scheme and the claiming of assets over £2,000. Pandle can also handle any combination of switching between schemes and VAT treatment error free!

You can add any amount of users you like to your Pandle account as well as your accountant.

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