Bank Imports

Manually entering your transactions into bookkeeping software is a painstaking task. Our Bank Imports feature allows users to quickly import their bank transactions in bulk.

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Download statements

To make life easier, you can download a CSV file from your bank then select the relevant pre-formatted upload type for your bank account in Pandle and easily upload all of your transactions in one go.

Full customisation

If we don’t have a pre-formatted upload type for your bank, no worries! You can create your own custom import format, allowing you to quickly upload transactions of any type.

Reduce errors

It’s easy to make an accidental error when manually entering transactions, but with the Bank Import feature your Pandle account will mirror your bank account exactly, meaning no more discrepancies.

Save time

Never again will you have to spend hours manually entering bank transactions, simply download your statements and upload them in bulk into Pandle.

Mark invoices as paid

When you’ve received a payment from a client or customer you can apply this bank transaction to the unpaid invoice, which will then be automatically marked as paid.

Categorise each transaction

Once your transactions are imported you can categorise each one to ensure you know where your money is being spent – keeping you in control of your business finances.



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