Pandle new app

Pandle’s Mobile App Gets a New Makeover

We know how important good mobile apps are to modern business owners. So we released our mobile app last year to help make the process of business bookkeeping easier than ever….

First Look: Pandle’s New Invoice Emails

We know how vital it is to keep your brand image consistent. It’s the face of your business – and lets your customers know how professional you are. The more professional you come across, the more they’ll trust your brand – and the more they trust your brand, the more loyal they’ll be to your…

Overpayments in Pandle

Overpayments Released in Pandle

When a client wants to stray from the recurring payments you’ve set up, it can send your bookkeeping into chaos. But no more with Pandle’s new overpayment feature! We’re pleased to announce that overpayments have now been released in Pandle. This new feature that our developers have been working away on allows Pandle users to…

Pandle Messaging Centre

Pandle Messaging Centre Now Live

Bookkeeping is all well and good until you hit a wall. It might be that you’ve stumbled on a confusing transaction that you don’t have paperwork for, or an invoice that you need to confirm has been paid. Whatever the issue is, it usually begins getting resolved by you opening up your emails and getting…