Pandle – Bank Rules

Pandle Feature Release: Bank Rules

Our cloud-based software, Pandle, allows users to collate transactions and import data effectively using automated Bank Feeds. This effectively stores data all in one place and provides the user with access to all of their transactions at once, from any device, whenever, wherever….

Receipt Uploads are Coming to Pandle Mobile!

Receipt Uploads Pandle is a cloud-based bookkeeping software that has a plethora of integrated features to maximise the efficiency, validity and professionality of how a user’s financial data is handled, stored and distributed. Not only are users able to collate multiple transactions in one place, via the power of Bank Feeds. But similarly, users can…

Pandle news - mobile update

Pandle: Mobile App Updates

Just over a year ago we released our mobile app for Pandle users, making bookkeeping available on the go, whenever, wherever. You no longer return to the office after a day of meetings to a backlog of invoices. You can avoid waiting until you are home to distribute quotes to clients. And if mistakes occur,…