Sales Tax

Simply choose between an invoice-based or cash-based scheme and then let Pandle handle your sales tax reports, so you can focus on running your business.

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Run sales tax reports

If your books are up-to-date then you can run sales tax reports in Pandle that will detail exactly how much sales tax you owe, providing you with greater control over your business’ cash flow.

Variety of sales tax reports

Pandle is able to produce reports for a range of different sales tax, including VAT, GST and IVA. To see a full list of countries which we currently support please click here

Switch with ease

Need to move to cash accounting from an invoice-based scheme? Not a problem. With a few simple clicks Pandle will transfer you over and make all the appropriate calculations to ensure no mistakes are made.

Total control

With Pandle you can add custom tax codes, choose your date format, lock your reports to prevent any changes being made which could cause errors and also export your reports in PDF or Excel.

EU VAT /EC Sales Lists

If your country is in the EU Pandle will automatically calculate your VAT reports using EU tax codes and populate your EC Sales lists using the information your input into your customer invoices.

Invoice or cash based accounting

Regardless of whether you use an invoice-based or cash-based scheme to calculate your sales tax Pandle can easily take care of this for you, producing reports and returns whenever you need them.



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