As standard all Brandle accounts have the following changes tailored to your practice…


You can choose your own logo, imagery and colour scheme throughout the application to suit your practice. Absolutely no reference to Pandle will be seen by your clients. This means that as far as your clients are concerned, it’s your firm’s software.

This is great news for you, as having your own software enhances your brand whilst adding credibility and value to your business, making you stand out among your competitors.

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Your Domain

We will host your Brandle account on any domain of your choosing. This is the web address your clients will use to access your software, e.g.

Having your own domain means that you will benefit from the additional traffic visiting your website, which in turn will help with your digital marketing efforts.


You can charge for your software in any way you see fit. You may choose to offer the software free to your clients or charge for it through your existing billing system. Alternatively we can set up a Stripe account so that your clients enter payment details when their account is set up, it’s completely up to you.

Benefits of Recurring Transactions



As your software is essentially separate to Pandle you can add your own content where you see fit. For instance, you could change the text of menus, labelling, error messages and much more. You can also write your own terms and conditions, although you are welcome to use Pandle’s if you prefer.


Interactive Help: This is the help bar in the software which slides in from the right. You can choose to show the standard content available or you can add your own.

Help Centre: You might want to add support pages similar to Pandle’s Help Centre. You can add something similar by setting up a subscription with Zendesk or similar service on a URL of your choosing. You are then free to use as much or as little content as you like from Pandle’s Help Centre.

Email Support: As a Brandle customer you would be free to contact us via email/phone for technical support. However, support emails from your clients will be directed to your email address. This gives you full control over the support offered to them.


Development Work

If you would like to go a step further than the standard Brandle offering you can have your own features/changes developed by our team. If your request is of general benefit to Pandle then we may develop it for free, if not then we would provide you with a quotation for the work involved.

Pandle is the only provider on the market that offers this for small practices!

General improvements, feature releases and updates are free of charge. Your own version of the software will still benefit from the same care and attention we give to Pandle.


Communication with your clients and their customers will be via your firm. You can set your own support email address and even set the email address that invoices from your software are sent from.

If you use social media accounts we can include these within your web application under the feedback section of the interactive help.

Specifying your details in this way means you have full control over the communication with your clients and at no time will they be contacted by Pandle or any third party.