The importance of encryption

The importance of encryption in the security of your business records

This week technology giants Apple and Google have joined an army of various tech companies and cryptologists in urging US government to resist plans to build ‘back doors’ in their operating systems. These plans aim to make encrypted data accessible to third parties under law enforcement but critics are concerned that this could penalise the…

Netsuite partnership with Microsoft

Microsoft and Netsuite Join Forces in the Cloud

Last week, cloud business software giant Netsuite announced a new partnership with Microsoft, whom Netsuite CEO Zach Nelson described as “kind of a competitor” – thereby making himself king of the understatement. Back in 2010, Microsoft was offering a credit of up to $850 to US companies using NetSuite if they switched to Microsoft Dynamics…

Using Wireless Technology

Using Wireless Technology to Drive your Business Further

The business world has changed dramatically within the last ten years, especially for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs). From the confined space of a desktop PC in an office based environment, business has now developed to cover multiple locations, time zones and devices….

cloud technology for small businesses

How Can Small Businesses Level the Playing Field with Technology?

The competitive landscape for business is changing. Larger businesses that previously relied on economies of scale and large investments in IT infrastructure as a source of advantage have seen a re-balance in power. Recent developments in both technology and Cloud computing have enabled smaller companies to grow their business faster, enabling them to compete against…

cloud accounting for accountants

The benefits of cloud accounting for accountants

The benefits of cloud accounting for both business and accounting firms are numerous. Cumulatively this has enhanced their relationship, meaning that business owners are more engaged with their finances and accountants are becoming more of a strategic partner….