Dealing with an Unhappy Client

6 Ways of Dealing with an Unhappy Client

The more experienced freelancers among us will know that there will always be a client who is unhappy with something about the service. Sometimes it’s easy to see why they are upset, but other times it seems they are being irrational and unfair – especially considering you are doing your best to keep them happy….

more people choosing freelance

Freelance Confidence on The Up

The latest ONS figures revealed that the number of self-employed people increased by 98,000 to 4.62 million over the last year – and those freelancers are feeling confident about the future, according to the latest IPSE Freelancer Confidence Index….

Preparing to Freelance Abroad

Preparing to Freelance Abroad

Freelancers have the world at their feet. Possibly the biggest attraction of working for yourself are endless possibilities as to where you can work from; a constant holiday is the perfect start to your freelance career!…

Freelancer business

How to Turn Your Freelance Business Around

It can be difficult to recognise when your freelance business isn’t at its best, and it can be even harder to admit it. The worst part is, you may not realise you’re making mistakes until it’s too late. Simply being too busy to notice can make it seem like business was going very well, when…

apps for the freelancer

Apps for the Freelancer

Freelancers need to be able to access emails and online information every second of the day to keep their business running smoothly, so it’s pretty likely that most of you freelancers have a smart phone. And how many apps do you have? Tonnes probably, but avoid clogging up your memory and download the ones you…