Avoiding Your Small Business’s Overdraft

1 in 5 small businesses ended up in their overdrafts relying on their overdrafts as a financial crutch last year. With more than £20 billion pound’s worth of late payments outstanding, this is being cited as one of the main reasons so many businesses are winding up in the red so often….

Getting Started With the Basics of Cash Flow

Getting Started With the Basics of Cash Flow

Running a business, big or small, involves managing cash flow. Money that comes in to the business flows through it, paying the bills and funding new developments. If that doesn’t happen, then business operations start to falter pretty quickly. So, because we know how important it is to keep things running smoothly, we’ve put together…

Cashflow Forecasts and Why You Should be Doing Them

Just hearing the word ‘cashflow’ can be enough to give even the most steadfast entrepreneur cold sweats and sleepless nights. Usually because a call for discussions about cashflow often spells trouble ahead, but this isn’t necessarily always the case. Cashflow status is an extremely handy tool which businesses can use to their advantage when documented…