Switching to Pandle: An Alternative to QuickFile

Shopping around for anything can be frustrating, so trying to work out which bookkeeping software your business needs can be especially confusing. At Pandle we’re passionate about making cloud accounting software that’s as easy to use as possible, so we think getting to grips with what’s what should be just as easy. It’s why we…

Switching to Pandle: A Cheaper Alternative to QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a popular choice with those in need of bookkeeping software, and for a good reason. After all, striking the right balance (accounting pun intended) between powerful features and ease-of-use is difficult to pull off. Just ask our developers – they like to make it look easy, but we’ve seen the marathon development and…

Improved Transaction Filtering

Pandle Update: Improved Transaction Filtering

Being able to find information quickly and easily is just one of the many marvellous benefits to using digital accounting software. There’s no need to shuffle through paperwork to find information, and thanks to our search tool and advanced filtering options, no endless scrolling, either. But to be perfectly honest, the advanced search filters in…

Transferring_to_Pandle from Xero

Switching to Pandle – A Low-Cost Alternative to Xero Bookkeeping Software in the UK

We’re not the only fintech company on the block, but at Pandle we’re proud of our reputation for providing powerful bookkeeping software which is easy to use. Because we do this at such an affordable price, we often hear from users who are looking for a cheaper alternative to other accounts software, such as Xero….