Switching to Pandle: A Free Alternative to Bokio

If you’re on the lookout for easy-to-use, powerful bookkeeping software, which doesn’t cost a fortune, Pandle has probably popped up on your radar more than once. It meant that when Bokio announced they were introducing a new set of payment tiers, we started to hear from more and more people desperate to find a replacement…

Transferring to Pandle from Wave Accounting

Finding a Replacement for Wave Accounting Software

Here at Pandle we’re proud of our reputation for providing high-quality, powerful bookkeeping software for a low price which is affordable for every small business owner. It meant that when Wave announced they’re withdrawing their accounting software services from the UK, our phones started to ring with people desperate for an alternative as a replacement….


Switching to Pandle: An Alternative to QuickFile

Shopping around for anything can be frustrating, so trying to work out which bookkeeping software your business needs can be especially confusing. At Pandle we’re passionate about making cloud accounting software that’s as easy to use as possible, so we think getting to grips with what’s what should be just as easy. It’s why we…

Pandle Update Product tours Featured Image

Roll Up, Roll Up: Using Pandle’s New Product Tours

If you’re running your own business (or helping someone else manage theirs) you’re probably used to figuring some things out by yourself. That doesn’t mean you can’t have help along the way though, even if it’s only a little nudge to point you in the right direction. Here at Pandle our product testing team includes…