Why Haven’t I Made a Profit Yet

Why Haven’t I Made a Profit Yet?

It’s not meant to demoralise you, but even if you work your absolute hardest it’s generally accepted that a new business will struggle to see much profit over the first couple of years. In some cases you might be putting in so many hours against what you’re earning, that your hourly rate is well below…

How Do I Get Started With A Franchise?

How Do I Get Started With A Franchise?

Are you looking to buy a franchise, or is your organisation thinking about franchising the business model for the first time? There are advantages and disadvantages to joining or selling a franchise, along with all sorts of legal considerations. Is franchising right for you?…

Pricing Your Products to Sell

How to Price Your Products to Sell

When you start in business or launch a brand new product, one of the most important steps is coming up with prices. Price it wrong and you could end up with either no sales and unhappy customers or a profit loss for you….

What Support Should You Get from a Franchisor?

What Support Should You Get from a Franchisor? 

It’s a myth that buying a franchise is a risk-free way to start a business, so careful consideration is always vital. When looking to buy a franchise, you’ll no doubt have plenty of questions. You may be wondering what level of involvement your franchisor will have. Do they just drop you in the deep end?…

Five Methods of Getting Funding for Your New Business Startup

At some point every business needs a bit of a cash injection. Whilst there are businesses which can be set up for just the cost of a website hosting, others may need a huge initial investment. Businesses such as restaurants or car hire, for example. Wherever you sit on the spectrum of business startup costs,…