Making the Switch from a Sole Trader to Limited Company

Some people operate their businesses as a limited company right from the get-go, but many also start out as a sole trader or partnership first and then incorporate (register as a company) later. So, if you’re thinking about becoming incorporated, what kind of things should you consider? For most people it’s a scary sounding step,…

What is My Government Gateway ID?

What is my Government Gateway ID?

Essentially, the most accessible and straightforward way of dealing with HMRC is online. All of HMRC’s digital services can be found on GOV.UK, along with information and other guidance all together in one place. Although HMRC’s digital services can be accessed by anyone, you’ll need to prove your identity to actually use them yourself. There…

Building A Small Business in Your Local Community

Starting A Small Business in Your Local Community

Growing a brand with a worldwide presence is a monumental challenge. In fact, building a small business in your local community is no mean feat either! Even before you reach the global stage, a smaller local business has the challenge of winning over an audience that likely already has strong loyalties to existing businesses within…

Transfering from Quickbooks to Pandle

Switching to Pandle: A Cheaper Alternative to QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a popular choice with those in need of bookkeeping software, and for a good reason. After all, striking the right balance (accounting pun intended) between powerful features and ease-of-use is difficult to pull off. Just ask our developers – they like to make it look easy, but we’ve seen the marathon development and…


Can I Have a Business Bank Account in a Different Country?

Despite the connotations of money laundering and tax evasion, there are actually legitimate reasons to have an offshore bank account. For instance, if your business frequently works in different countries, transferring money or operating in multiple currencies. In most cases they’re also straightforward to set up, and work in a similar way to standard accounts….