cloud accounting software

The Transition from Spreadsheets to Cloud Accounting Software

Microsoft Excel has become a widely used tool for handling small business accounting tasks. However, while the benefits of spreadsheets can be useful for a start-up, they can be inevitably inefficient and potentially harmful when managing important financial data for a growing business. At the point where you have a handful of clients and transactions,…

Cloud Accounting Security

Is cloud-based bookkeeping safe?

Cloud based accounting and bookkeeping has been praised as the latest advance in business, allowing real-time access anywhere in the world. However, the main concern is whether it is safe enough for your business to store financial information and access it online in unfamiliar remote locations….

Tell me more about cloud accounting!

Have you heard the words ‘cloud accounting’ but not quite sure what it actually is and what is does? Well you’re probably not alone, but don’t worry, we are here to clear things up!…