Pandle Update Preventing Duplicate Transfers from PayPal and Stripe

Pandle Update: Preventing Duplicate Transfers from PayPal and Stripe

One of the most common bookkeeping errors is the accidental duplication of transactions. But, making important business decisions based on incorrect financial information? It can cause some ugly mistakes, sometimes with nasty consequences. We’re committed to minimising the potential for bookkeeping mistakes for our users, so it drove us to look at ways to reduce…

New Feature Stripe Feed Balance Checks

New Feature: Stripe Feed Balance Checks

Not all businesses use Stripe to handle online card payments, but for those that do, accurate account reconciliation is vital. Matching what is happening in your Stripe account to what is showing in Pandle just helps you manage your bookkeeping more easily. It affects everything, from your cash flow and beyond, and helps to identify…

Stripe integration

Stripe Integration Now Live

If you’ve been waiting to hook up their payment processes within Pandle, you’ll be pleased to hear that our Stripe integration is now live and ready for your customers’ payments….