Pandle Update User Experience Improvements

Pandle Update: UX Improvements Requested by Users

Living with our head in the (bookkeeping) cloud enables the teams at Pandle HQ to constantly monitor and refine the way that Pandle performs, whilst you’re busy taking care of your business accounts. As well as developing juicy new features (like our recent Items release to help businesses with stock and inventory management), we’ve also…

Pandle Release - Bank imports for DLA

Pandle Update: Bank Imports for Director’s Loan Accounts

When you’re the director of a limited company there may be times that you need to put your personal money into the business, or withdraw money from the company for your own personal use, which isn’t a salary, dividend, or expense repayment. Whether you’re lending or borrowing, it’s essential that these transactions (called director’s loans)…

New Feature File Import Balance Checks

New Feature: File Import Balance Checks

The mornings are getting brighter, the evenings are staying lighter, and we’re here with another time-saving Pandle update. This time around, we’re here to confirm that Balance Checks are now available for File Imports too. Bravo! Balance checks for File Imports Manually entering transactions is time-consuming, and all that data entry increases the risk of…

Latest Update: Reducing File Import Errors

We believe that importing data into your bookkeeping software should be as straightforward as possible. After all, Pandle was founded on the principles of simple, intuitive and easy to use software. So, we’re proud to announce our latest update makes importing data even easier by automatically detecting any potential date formatting errors in File Imports….