feature update - bank balance checks

New Feature: Bank Feed Balance Checks

After the April showers it’s time for us to brighten up your life with an exciting new Pandle update! We know that making sure the bank balance in your bookkeeping records matches what’s happening in the bank can be a fiddly job, but an essential one for good record keeping, to avoid any unnoticed fraudulent…

Default Tax Codes

Pandle Feature Release: Default Tax Codes

Here at Pandle we strive to make our software intuitive and easy to use for everyone. Through our range of automated features we’ve been able to effectively reduce the amount of manual effort required to complete everyday bookkeeping tasks. Our latest feature, default tax codes, means that users can now apply a tax code to…

Pandle Bank Feeds Are on Their Way

Pandle Bank Feeds Are on Their Way

You probably already know that we’re planning on rolling out a user interface redesign this month for users. Along with the redesign, we’ll be introducing automatic bank feeds to Pandle….