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This month we spoke to Ingrid, director of Inspired Therapy Ltd!

Hi Ingrid! Tell us about your business.

We provide emotional, practical and psychological support for people’s mental health and wellbeing that works. We have many year’s experience successfully helping people to feel better and live well, working with teenagers, adults and older adults, couples and families to provide in-person services in Yorkshire and elsewhere online.

We are warm, inclusive and non-judgmental therapists who will go the extra mile to make a real and lasting difference. Our approach is a blend of therapeutic support and coaching to meet each person’s needs and preferences. What matters most to us is you living your life in balance.

What particular challenges did you have to overcome in setting up your business, and since then?

Terry and I are first and foremost therapists and coaches. Learning the business side of things and making enough time for it remains a challenge! We’ve had to get systems in place quickly because as soon as we launched, we had a positive response.

Scaling up is another issue that we can see we are about to encounter. Our vision is that anyone anywhere in the country (and beyond) will be able to receive high quality therapeutic support that works, and the goal seems closer than we even thought when we set the business up.


How does Pandle fit in?

Pandle was recommended to us. It’s a very intuitive system and we’ve been learning to use it as we go, which is perfect for our situation. We set up different parts of the system as we need it, and find the support really helpful, from online guides, chat, email support and our accountant. People are responsive and patient with our sometimes numpty questions!

What do you have planned for your business in the future?

Our plan is to grow the business, as steadily as we can in the context of the demand for our services. We hope to set up group sessions and workshops in the coming months, as well as working individually with people of all ages, couples and families.

We’re keen to learn more about all the online technology and how it can help us, and to bring on board other therapists, particularly those from a Human Givens background. Above all, our focus is on providing support that really works and helps people to live their lives in balance.

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