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This month, we spoke to Dario Cracco, Director of Van der Kraken ltd!

Hi Dario! Tell us a bit about your business.

I help online business owners get the most out of their websites and turn them into little money-making machines, so they can live life on their own terms.


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What particular challenges did you have to overcome in setting up your business, and since then?

Getting used to the ebbs and flows of clients was particularly hard. Finding a balance between being too stressed out because of too much work and too stressed out because there wasn’t enough was hard too.

How does Pandle fit in?

Pandle has been my trusted companion while I built my business and my favourite way of seeing money coming in. I love to keep it up to date as it helps me manifesting even more money coming in in the future.


Daniel Cracco &Director


What do you have planned for your business in future?

I am hosting a course for business owners that want to build their website from scratch and from zero technical knowledge. I’m also going to start a supporting membership for online business owners that wants to keep up to date with all things website and online marketing.

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