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This month our focus is on Moises Barbera Ramos, CEO and Founder of Drill Surgeries, a young and vibrant startup in the medical device sector.

Hi Moises! Tell us about your business

Drill Surgeries works with broken bones. Surgeons perform over 10 million operations a year, inserting a metallic rod to bind broken bones. Nowadays, they use an excessive amount of radiation and a trial-and-error approach to know where to perform the surgery.

So, we created an Artificial intelligence to provide a precision guide allowing surgeons to know the exact location of where to operate, a hands-free real-time 3D guiding system without radiation to disrupt the way doctors operate at hospitals worldwide. Our patent pending technology makes for faster, safer and less invasive surgeries.

We count with an experienced team of surgeons and scientists around us, have agreements with hospitals, and our working prototype leads to clinical trials in the next 12 months.

As we are currently raising a new round of investment to cover the regulatory and clinical trial expenses, at Drill Surgeries we provide the surgeon’s second pair of eyes inside the patient.


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What particular challenges did you have to overcome in setting up your business, and since then?

The main problem in orthopaedic surgeries is that surgeons rely excessively on radiation to know where to operate, as they rely on an X-Ray machine providing static 2D images and a guesswork approach to fix the bone to the medical equipment.

In 2018, I had just returned from China where I developed tracking algorithms for self-driving cars so I thought, what if I could modify my algorithms to guide doctors instead of cars?

I spent the following 6 months cold calling surgeons worldwide from my dorm to understand more about this situation and the result was overwhelming, finding a surgery performed over 10 million times a year that surgeons struggle with, and how they felt a technological guiding system had a lot of potentials.

 Being all alone in this quest was the main challenge, but eventually through hard work I got to find the right people to be around me...


Excited to finally be able to do something about those frustrating times growing up I wanted to share my idea and to get big companies to implement it but I didn’t realize my age would be an obstacle. Each time I entered meetings with my suit on, my hair gelled and started talking about how my technology could reduce radiation, operating time and save money to hospitals… it wasn’t received well. If I heard back at all, it was just to hear, “We have it covered son, you need to focus on your studies.”

In 2019 I registered Drill Surgeries and through perseverance, it’s now the leading startup in the use of A.I. and Mixed reality for hands-free real-time 3D guidance during surgeries, with existing prototypes already showing potential to reduce operating time by 75%, radiation by 60% and risks.

Being all alone in this quest was the main challenge, but eventually through hard work I got to find the right people to be around me and guide me on the process of turning my technical skills into a good enough business acumen that has now collected countless awards across the country.

How does Pandle fit in?

It helps me keep track of everything that we do and how well we do it. It helps us communicate objective information to our colleagues and prospective investors while helping us make more logical decisions.

What do you have planned for your business in the future?

Our existing prototype has already been tested by surgeons on mannequins by surgeons discovering potential to reduce radiation by 60% and operating time by 75%.

Drill Surgeries targets medical device manufacturers to offer the USP for their intramedullary nails – the guiding system they have failed to create – following a B2B model, accessing a £7.7 Billion market and transforming competitors into potential clients as we start conversations with them.

We all know someone somewhere that broke a bone and how unpleasant the process to fix it is. Drill Surgeries’s filed-patent-pending technology can be modified providing a guiding system for additional surgeries already identified.

Ultimately, Drill Surgeries will be the go-to company for radiation-free, real-time, 3D guiding systems during orthopedic surgeries.

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