The 2021 Pandle Round Up

At Pandle, we’re not trying to be influencers or thought leaders, disrupt the financial industry, or turn it on its head.

We just think bookkeeping software should be straightforward, accessible, and as useful as possible to help save you time and minimise the risk of errors. It’s what we turn up for.

OK, there’s also an arcade machine in our office and it’s awesome. But joking apart, we just really love developing new accounting tools and refining existing software features. We’re accounting nerds, with a passion for problem solving.

So, in amongst the coffee, cake, and hitting the 50,000 users mark, this is what 2021 looked like at Pandle HQ.

Launching new features, and improving existing ones

Rolling out our new stock management tool

Our brand-new inventory management feature joined the Pandle family. Integrating right alongside our other core features, Items tracks the products or services your business buys and/or sells.


Pandle 2021 Round Up Image 1


It makes it easier to enter line items on invoices, but it goes beyond being a simple price list. It’s a complete services and stock control system, built right into your bookkeeping.



A total refresh for Credit Notes

Our previous Credit Notes feature just wasn’t as good as we knew it should be, so we listened to your feedback and fixed it. Rather than simply putting a plaster over it, Pandle’s Credit Notes tool had a complete overhaul.


Pandle 2021 Round Up Image 2


It was the bookkeeping software version of driving a bulldozer through it, and starting again. The good news is that Credit Notes are now less restrictive, allowing you to manage them more easily, and with less chance of getting muddled up.


Helping you reduce the risk of bookkeeping errors

Dealing with the financial and tax side of life can quickly become bewildering. Sadly, where confusion leads, weird (and not very wonderful) bookkeeping mistakes tend to follow. Pandle was already packed to the rafters with tools helping to keep your accounting records in good order, and this year we rolled out even more updates to reduce these unwanted errors.

From notification messages to help you stay on top of your VAT scheme settings, to new tools and algorithms to detect potential errors, and all sorts of magic in the middle.

There were updates to further minimise data entry oddities, and processes for identifying, flagging, fixing, and preventing anything that was going to cause problems.

We created new validation checking tools galore, which constantly review each stage of the accounting process, including VAT period dates, tax codes, and even the address details of your suppliers. Pandle’s basically a friendly bookkeeping bouncer.


Powering up Pandle

Now, we’re always talking about helping you save time on your bookkeeping, so it’s only fair that we make sure Pandle runs efficiently, and with less stress on your devices.

We did some serious maintenance work on Pandle this year, restructuring the way that data is recalled and how information loads on various screens. It resulted in some load times being up to 9 seconds faster. 9 seconds!


Pandle’s fresh new look

As systems evolve, the way you navigate them needs to be updated too, otherwise everything ends up in a big jumble of chaos. That doesn’t sound very intuitive at all.

To make sure Pandle doesn’t end up looking like a Nanna’s knitting basket, we spent time redesigning our menu navigation, as well as making improvements to the usability of some features.

Pandle menus are also dynamic, so you’ll only see a feature in your menu if you have that option activated. It just saves clogging up your eyeballs with things you’re not using. Use the settings menu to enable or deactivate features.

You’ve probably noticed our beautiful new logo at some point too. We literally have it up on the wall.



As well as improved menu groupings, we updated our Quick Links menu so you have the option to customise it. We also added commas to make larger numbers easier to read, increased character limits, improved transaction filters…and beyond.

Get help with your bookkeeping questions

Our Live Chat team are part of the fabric of Pandle, and possibly one of the biggest threats to biscuits at our HQ.

A team of bookkeepers, they know Pandle like the back of their hands – so they can talk you through what’s what if you ever need a bit of extra help.

This year we also launched our new Product Tours to replace the old interactive help bar, so you can still find your way round if you’re bookkeeping late at night when our Live Chat team are asleep.

If you’re brand new to using Pandle, the onboarding tour will load automatically when you first sign into your new account. You’ll find all the tours in our help centre (where our guides also live).

If it made Pandle easier to use, cut down the risk of mistakes, or helped you get paid faster, it was on our radar.


Don’t worry, we won’t go through every single update again here, like the blog version of someone reading aloud from the slideshow presentation. You can view more of what we did this year on the product release timeline on our features page.

Which just leaves us to say thank you. Your feedback is essential for helping us make sure that Pandle continues to provide good, reliable bookkeeping software that anyone can use. We’d go as far as saying you’re one of the team. Be warned though, it gets pretty competitive around the arcade machine.


Learn more about bookkeeping with Pandle, and create your free account.

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