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This month we spoke to Eirini Tamousi of sustainable fashion brand wearyoursmile about empowering others and spreading positivity.

Hey Eirini, tell us about your business!

At wearyoursmile, we exist to inspire others to spread smiles and kindness, so that we can all make a difference in each other’s lives. By influencing others in a positive way, you not only impact their life, you encourage them to spread the positivity further. No act is too small, so we choose to spread positivity through smiles!

Setting up your own business is definitely overwhelming, nerve-wracking, and non-stop work.

Our mission is to supply sustainable and ethical clothing that inspires people to be kinder to themselves, others and the planet. We also conduct wellbeing events with the aim of getting everyone together to share experiences, inspire, and empower.


At wearyoursmile, we hire for character and unique personality traits.


We’re not looking for the “perfect” person on paper, or someone who has many years of experience. We want to give opportunities to people from disadvantaged backgrounds, who share the same passion for making the world a better place.

What particular challenges did you have to overcome in setting up your business, and since then?

Setting up your own business is definitely overwhelming, nerve-wracking, and non-stop work. There were so many things that I was unsure of, starting from setting the business up with Companies House, to making sure we had all the right information on display.

Getting myself set-up as a director, and dealing with HMRC on top of Companies House, were all things I just was not confident doing. It felt like a never ending process, and every time I thought I was done with something, more things would come up.


My biggest challenge was organising my finances and finding the right accountant


I wanted to make sure I could understand the whole bookkeeping process, and log everything correctly. Worrying about tax returns at has always been a scary one for me, as I am not known for my financial skills!

How does Pandle fit in to your business?

Pandle is just what I need in terms of simple, yet so powerful, software to help me track my business finances.

Something I always worried about, which kept me from setting up my business for a couple of years, was not feeling good enough to cope with the accounting, finance and bookkeeping side of things.

I can definitely say that I looked at so many different types of software, but Pandle just seems to have everything together. Simplicity, efficiency, and great customer support.

What do you have planned for your business in the future?

With wearyoursmile, we want to change the way people hire and inspire people to believe in themselves, and others.

We hire based on character and unique personality traits, instead of just basing our decisions on particular qualifications and industry experience. Everyone has their own skills and talents, and we want to embrace those. We want to show people that they can do anything – because they can.

One of our motivations is giving opportunities to people from disadvantaged backgrounds, who don’t get many chances. As long as they share the same passion with us, to make the world a better place, we can focus.

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