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This month we spoke to Diana Phipps, the founder of innovative golf brand IGO SPORTS, about the importance of adaptability in business.

What do we do? Sell innovation to golfers. Our hero brand is Kymira Golf, a range of clothing which uses infrared embedded fabrics to create clothing with tried and tested performance and recovery benefits.

As you can imagine, keeping sales ticking over when golfers aren’t actually able to play has been a tough challenge. Fortunately, our CEO was very fleet footed, and we quickly sourced the products which people need off the course. It was a good move, and sales really started building. We were running into Christmas, and… bang – we hit the buffers.

iGoSports Product Examples

Once golfers were back on the fairways the momentum did not carry over, so we had to go back to square one and do all the preparatory work again.

We’ve just launched an online platform for Golf Pro Shops with our 5 beta test partners. This will mean that the on-course shops can offer a wider range of best in class innovation to their members, and give them the tools to compete in the e-tail environment.


“I also use Pandle for my other businesses.”


I also use Pandle for my other businesses – a property development and investment company, and a design property, managing IP registrations. You can imagine the paperwork generated by these different companies – particularly with all the recent restrictions. Not being able to meet or share work in our office means it is not easy keeping track.

Pandle has been a significant help. It’s great software – simple to use and, importantly for me, it brings all my operations together in one place, and I only have to learn the skills once. I strongly recommend Pandle, 5 out of 5!

iGoSports Product Examples

Our launch started really well. We won the Innovator’s Spotlight Award at the PGA Show in Florida in January 2020, and all was on course (pun intended) when the lockdown hit.

Since then we have been taking opportunities as we find them, but it’s very ad hoc and it’s difficult to maintain momentum from all our marketing efforts. Even with everything set up again it still takes weeks, even months, to get PR, ads and posts back in place – but we are now looking forward with confidence again.


“We have a fantastic product. I know it will sell and that we can build a great brand, so we will go for it!”


The preparation work is done, and now it’s time to start building. The UK is our focus… then the large golf markets of USA, Korea and Japan.

Learn more about Diana and IGO Sports, or find out more about using Pandle cloud accounting software in your business.


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