Top 5 Time-Saving Pandle Features

No one wants to spend hours pouring over their bookkeeping records, recording hundreds of individual transactions or creating the same invoices over and over again. OK, so maybe this is a bit of tooting our own horn, but Pandle is all about simplicity and saving time. Bookkeeping shouldn’t be a chore.

Here are our top five picks for time-saving bookkeeping tips, so you can get back to doing what you’d rather be doing – growing your business.

Is there a quick way to import transactions into Pandle?

Welcome to the time-saving world of Bank Feeds. Uploading transactions manually is one of the most time-consuming parts of bookkeeping, especially if you run a business with hundreds of transactions a week. Relieve the stress of manual transaction entry with our Bank Feeds feature, instead.

The feature allows users to sync their bank account with Pandle. Transaction information will be automatically pulled through into your Pandle account, ready for you to categorise.

Not only does this save time, it also helps to reduce the data-entry errors that everyone makes from time to time when bashing in dozens of numbers. Those little typos can sometimes go unnoticed for quite some time, just waiting to cause chaos further down the line.

Can I automate credit control?

Chasing late paying customers is time-consuming, which only adds to the frustration of not getting paid on time. Rather than risking damage to your working relationship with a badly worded message, free up your time and try using the Payment Reminders feature.

When creating invoices in Pandle, simply check the box in order to send automatic payment reminders before or after the due date, at an interval of your choice.

Can customers pay me directly from a digital invoice?

If you create and send an invoice through Pandle, your customers can pay you directly through a payment link in the invoice. Pandle Pay uses Stripe integration in order to provide a secure payment option for customers.

Giving your clients an instant, hassle-free way to pay will help you get paid on time, and saves them having to navigate away from your invoice in order to send a payment.

Is there a way to schedule repeating invoices?

Rather than manually creating and sending the same repeat invoices on a regular basis, it might be easier to set up Recurring Transactions in Pandle. Once set up, it will automatically send out recurring invoices to your clients. You can even set an end date for the recurring invoices to stop, to help minimise any awkward accidental invoicing scenarios!

VAT Submissions

Thanks to our integration with HMRC, users can submit MTD-compliant VAT returns directly from Pandle, using our VAT Submissions feature. It saves time, and means less chance of problem-causing errors.

Are you looking to save time when it comes to bookkeeping, managing payments, invoices and VAT? Try Pandle today. It’s free for life, with the option to upgrade for just £5 a month plus VAT.

Elizabeth Hughes

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