When the Going Gets Woof, Permit Pets into your Workplace

The first ever Take Your Dog to Work Day occurred in 1999, when 300 employees turned up for shifts lead by their pulling companions. And just like that, the rest is history; modern offices have been installing cat flaps and laying out doggy beds for their pet-loving workers ever since.

The trend stems from the modern shift that is seeing more and more work environments morph into ‘home-from-homes’. And, it’s catching on due to the plethora of perks a roaming, furry friend can provide to offices.

Even “unethical” corporate giants Amazon, Airbnb and Uber are even throwing workers a bone

In a recent report from Rover.com, Amazon was announced as the #1 “best dog friendly” company out of roughly 100 US employers. The e-commerce giant houses approximately 6,000 pups on any given day, handing out poop bags, and doggy treats.

They even provide a deck on the 17th floor of their complex where they can sniff, lounge and roll about with their pals. Amazon dogs are also invited to events just like real employees! Similarly, Airbnb delivers personal perks for pooches, presenting them with ID badges upon entry and listing their profiles in work databases as “people”.

So why is an accounting software talking about pets in offices?

Well, as a FinTech firm, we’re really passionate about stress-free, straightforward accounting solutions which work in the real world. It’s one of the reasons why our bookkeeping software was created as a resource to help busy people run their business. The everyday presence of a fuzzy companion makes turning up for work a walk in park! We certainly love having Percy and Willow scampering around.

The benefits of workplace pets

The benefits of having animals in the workplace are well reported. Boosted team morale, social bonding and a tenfold increase in happier employees are all directly linked. Pets have so much love to give,  they tend to conjure joy everywhere they go.

There’s also the added pizzazz they bring to offices. With an office pet appear trendy, laid-back and ethical to potential employees, social followers and consumers.

According to research, pets are good for reduced stress and anxiety, too. Animals alleviate long days consumed by tension, decreasing overall absences of employees. A National Institutes of Health (NIH) study found “people recover from a stressful situation more quickly when they’re with their pets than with their partners or friends”.

Workers will also relieve themselves from concern at their pet being alone for long periods. Modern employees can instead leave for work carrying the weight of their sausage dog, and not the burden of their pets’ welfare.

Considering it?

Before welcoming a pet, or thousands, into your office ensure you’re not barking up the wrong tree. Do your research to decide which animal(s) would benefit your work environment. The logistics of your current workspace might suggest a Great Dane isn’t a sensible choice. Likewise, employees have to be happy with the new addition. Allergy sufferers really will suffer, and someone with a lifelong fear of reptiles might not appreciate a snake slithering across their in-tray.

All things considered, it’s safe to say that pets in the office can be a real treat for firms, providing there’s an infinite supply of strokes, Royal Canin and squeaky toys to keep tails wagging from nine to five.

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