Latest Update: Reducing File Import Errors

We believe that importing data into your bookkeeping software should be as straightforward as possible. After all, Pandle was founded on the principles of simple, intuitive and easy to use software.

So, we’re proud to announce our latest update which makes importing data even easier for our users, as Pandle will now automatically detect any potential date formatting errors.

Reducing bookkeeping errors

At the moment, Pandle users working with the import tool to bring in invoice and banking data must select the right date format when uploading the file.

However, we have this carries a risk of users potentially choosing the wrong format for their CSV upload, or of Excel treating some dates within the CSV upload differently to others. Errors like this can cause all sorts of strange entries to be imported into Pandle, which can cost money and time to fix further down the line. Especially if these errors are not spotted right away!

Simple, intuitive bookkeeping

This latest update will reduce the number of File Import errors by automatically detecting any incorrect date formats in the file being imported.

To make things even easier for our users, Pandle will now automatically determine if the incorrect format can still be safely identified, allowing the upload to be imported in the correct date format. If the data cannot be imported, then users will be notified of the date formatting error, allowing them to fix the issue manually before attempting to re-upload their file.

So there we have it. Another time saving feature, helping to prevent errors from occurring in our users’ bookkeeping. So they can devote their time to more important aspects of their business.

We love to get feedback so we can constantly monitor and develop Pandle’s performance, so let us know what you think! Contact one of our friendly team today on our live chat, or by emailing us at

Liam Yapp

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