How To Be Productive During Your Commute

Sometimes your commute means that it’s pretty difficult to do anything else but travel. If you drive in to your place of work, you’re going to be limited as to what else you could do to multitask! Some people like to use their commute as downtime – a space just for them to relax. For others it’s a frustrating barrier that needs to be overcome before the real work can start.

Here we suggest some options that might help you turn your commute into productive time, whatever its nature or length.

Manage your to do lists as you commute

If you’re not driving, then the commute is an ideal time to manage your daily to do lists. Use apps which sync with your work calendar and email and get things in order. Prioritise the most important tasks and delegate what you can.

Catch up on emails

Using your commute to catch up on all those emails can help to carve out some thinking time for other jobs. That big build-up of quick emails that just need a quick reply are especially good for this time!

Make arrangements

Whether it’s planning a meeting, or booking your next dentist appointment, you can use your commuting time to make arrangements. It’s also a handy time to jot down items for the agenda.

Make a phone call

Hands free in the car can be a perfect opportunity for an uninterrupted phone call. You might be less popular on public transport though, which is something to keep in mind!


In our digitally connected, fast-paced world, we rarely get time to stop and think. Your commute can be a handy time to consider any complex tasks ahead. If your brain is overworked, try mastering your thoughts into something positive for a mental reboot.

Catch up with industry news and views

Use your commute to read the news, listen to a relevant podcast, catch up on your favourite blog, or contribute to an industry discussion forum. It’s vital to stay in touch with everything around you in your industry, but it can be hard to make the time. It can also help you feel much more accomplished and in control.

Learn something new

So many training options are delivered digitally, that you can use your commute to learn something new. Make sure you’ve downloaded anything needed in advance then crack on with your learning as you travel to or from work.


The Pandle Mobile App allows you to keep on top of your bookkeeping whilst on the move, and is another great use of your commute!

Elizabeth Hughes

A content writer specialising in business, finance, software, and beyond. I'm a wordsmith with a penchant for puns and making complex subjects accessible.

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