Job Perks of the Future: Employment Benefits You Need to Offer

In generations passed, it would take nothing much more than the promise of a monthly social event and a subsidised parking spot to appeal to prospective employees. Of course, this advanced throughout the decades into more substantial things like ample pension contributions, company cars and complimentary gym memberships.

In recent years, however, we’re seeing yet another shift in what workers have got their sights set on when it comes to employment benefits – or what some like to call, ‘perks of the job’. It’s not only us noticing this particular evolution either.

Business supplies company, EuroOffice carried out a research project not too long ago which revealed some pretty interesting statistics. The survey covered 2,500 UK workers and questioned each on how valuable certain employment benefits were to them in terms of financial worth per annum.


The facts and figures:
• A pet-friendly office is worth in excess of £400 a year
• Working from home is worth more than £900
• Flexible working is worth more than £850
• A fun working environment holds a value of £743

These stats are particularly interesting when compared to more traditional employment benefits of the past:

• Gym memberships are now only worth around £80
• Employee discounts come in at less than £75
• Private healthcare had a surprisingly low value of £189

So, what does all this mean for the modern employer?

Well, to make it plain and simple – we are now living in a world where pet-friendly workplaces are more than 100% more important to staff than private healthcare.

This is a sweeping demonstration of how employees are now prioritising things like work-life balance, wellbeing and professional flexibility over material gain.

Clearly, a pet-friendly office policy and more choice around where, when and how employees work are a prerequisite of modern-day attraction and retention.

However, we’ve put a few extra tips together on how we recommend implementing the employment benefits staff are looking for today:

Mindfulness in the workplace

Mental health and mindfulness are increasingly important, which is why we’re seeing more things like yoga rooms and meditation spaces at work.
Consider rethinking your office design and company culture in order to facilitate this.

Make work a more FUN place to be

As we spend more and more time at work, it’s essential that business owners make it a pleasant place to be.
A great way to do this is to introduce purpose-built spaces for socialising, or maybe even a games room where staff can go to relax and unwind.

Good, honest environmental practices

As part of the shift towards a more holistic approach to working life, the workforce of today is proving to be more attracted to companies with environmental and social responsibility.
So, as well as doing things like cutting down on plastic and providing sufficient recycling facilities, think about running schemes or community projects which your staff can get involved with.

Now we’ve shared our advice, we would love to hear your thoughts on the topic. Are you someone who would prefer to see more four-legged friends around the place? Or are you more inclined to seek out more traditional types of employment benefits? Let us know in the comments below or by joining the conversation on Twitter or Facebook.

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