9 Ways to Encourage the January Health Kick at Work

We’ve all been there – blown the last of our December budget on brand new gym clobber and a smoothie blender with 100+ settings only to fall at the very first sound of a crisp packet being opened.

Oh, and don’t even mention the extortionate gym membership you signed up for on New Year’s Day that you’re saddled with for the next 365 days with absolutely zero intention of attending now, right?

This year though, we want to alter the course of history and help you stay on track!

So, Christmas Puddings and Pigs in Blankets assemble – we’re making the January health kick a permanent fixture around here and where better to start than the world of work?

Boredom snacking, countless brew rounds and sedentary activity levels make work the biggest health kick hindrance so here are our simple tips to turn things around:


Meetings on foot

This suggestion isn’t ground breaking – we’ve all heard of walking and standing meetings – but swapping the boardroom for a meeting in motion is a great way to sneak in more physical activity throughout the day.


Sit-stand desks

Height-adjustable desks might seem a little OTT and certainly more expensive than your average workstation but they are extremely beneficial for healthy joints and circulation.


Swap biccies for bananas

Now that the Quality Street and biscuit selections are all polished off, stock up on healthy nibbles like fruit and nuts for staff to snack on throughout the day instead.


A lunch hour sweat session

Set up a group yoga, Zumba or circuit training class during lunch hour for staff to participate in – maybe even consider getting a professional instructor in if you’ve got some cash to spare.


Facilitate flexible working

Allowing staff to work flexible hours will enable them to squeeze in more gym classes or exercise sessions into their schedules. Don’t let the constraints of 9-5 be an excuse for poor health.


Say hello to more h2o

As well as improving physical health by hydrating muscles and boosting immunity, drinking plenty of water also supports strong cognitive function and wellbeing of the ol’ brainbox. Maybe invest in a water cooler or filtered water jugs to encourage healthier guzzling.


Encourage regular brain breaks

Permit staff to take regular breaks away from their desks and screens and facilitate this by providing a quiet, comfortable space where they can go to relax and rejuvenate.

A bit of healthy competition

Nothing pours fuel on the fire of motivation quite like a bit of competitive fun!

Get your employees moving more with a 10,000 daily step challenge and reward the champions at the end of each week with a low-cost incentive. This could be something as simple as letting them finish an hour early on Friday afternoon.


Bring the outdoors indoors

Biophilic interior design has been proven to have a positive impact on mental health so let as much natural light and fresh air in where possible. Office plants and natural materials such as wood and stone are also great design additions.
Now we’ve shared our tips and advice on how to keep the January health kick momentum going in the workplace, we’d love to hear your ideas. Come and share them with us over on Twitter or Facebook or comment below.

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