SMEs Increasingly Reliant on Smartphones

A survey on behalf of mobile network Three has revealed that SMEs are increasingly reliant on smartphones, prompting the company to launch a new service.

Best access to technology

The survey of 1,000 small UK businesses found that almost two thirds felt the technology on their mobile phone is better than the technology on their other devices, and 81% agreed that the latest smartphones fulfilled most of their business needs.

And while 63% said that their mobile phone was “very important” for their job, only 51% felt the same about their laptop, with just 49% saying their desktop computer was important.

This trend of increasing smartphone use looks set to continue as both smartphones and apps become more reliable and sophisticated and more of us expect to be able to work as we travel.
• 41% of respondents said that they expect their reliance on their mobile phones to increase in the next year
• 29% said they expect their business travel to increase in the next year
• 26% said that they have more reliable or faster internet on their smartphone compared to their fixed line internet

Yet 23% of the small businesses surveyed said they still find mobile phone packages complicated.

Simply Business

In response to the concerns and needs of small businesses, Three has announced the launch of a new package of tariff called Simply Business, which it describes as “a refreshingly simple and great value proposition designed to support the needs of small businesses.”

Three’s chief commercial officer Richard Woodward said: “At Three, we recognise that today more than ever, great value, reliable and easy access to technology is crucial to help small businesses succeed, whether they are at home, abroad or on the move.

“From young start-ups, to microbusinesses, to local family firms, Simply Business allows SMEs to keep their business connected and their costs down by offering more data to meet their growth.”

For more information on Simply Business, visit here.

Do you find you are increasingly reliant on your smartphone and seeking new ways to get work done on the move or from your armchair?

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