Pandle Feature Release – Transaction Links

It’s been a busy month! Following the release of our new mobile app updates, we’re pleased to announce our latest Pandle feature for both desktop and mobile users.

By offering live-chat support in Pandle, we provide users with 24/7 communication, so you can bookkeep and interact with accountants interchangeably, all in one place. Following from this, we’ve took things one step further with our Transaction Tagging feature.

You’ve previously been able to import and search for a transaction, now you can link to one too.

Our latest tool makes discussing transactions a breeze. Refer your accountant to a single transaction and share the transaction link via Notes or Message Centre. The feature enhances user-functionality for businesses and accountants, who’re able to copy and distribute specific transactions without hassle.

Using our small but invaluable feature, you can send, receive and navigate directly to individual transactions.

Try tagging a transaction in Pandle now by clicking the ‘More Actions’ button. Then, select ‘Copy Transaction Link’ before pasting it either in Notes or the Message Centre.

Transaction Links Pandle

And there’s more

Unsure about an imported transaction from Stripe or PayPal? Then go straight to the source. Click on the transaction link within Pandle and be directed to your third-party payment system, where you can access the full transaction details there. This prevents you from having to manually access PayPal or Stripe to locate the transaction in question.

We’re the only software provider to incorporate this time-saving feature into our bookkeeping software; now you can seamlessly navigate to transactions that have been imported from external accounts without hassle.

Try viewing a transaction link now by clicking this button from your Imported Transactions screen:

Transaction Links Pandle 1

We’re always developing our bookkeeping software as part of our mission to make Pandle the most collaborative cloud accounting software on the market. Have a look at our Pandle ‘features’ timeline to see how far we’ve come – we’re pretty proud of ourselves. And, keep your finger on the pulse; regularly check back to our Pandle website to follow our ongoing developments – watch this space.



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