How Pandle Can Help Those with Zero Bookkeeping Experience

You may have already heard about Making Tax Digital in the news or from your accountant and been filled with dread. If you’ve never used bookkeeping software before, it’s understandable.

You may even be tempted to get your accountant to handle all your bookkeeping on your behalf instead – but this can end up expensive, especially if you have lots of transactions that need recording.

The cheapest and often easiest alternative is to accept bookkeeping software will become a part of your business. But how do you even start if you’ve got zero experience?

Simple software

In your shop around for bookkeeping software you may be looking at the big names. They’re a safe pair of hands but they’re also a lot to take on. They have tons of features you’ll never use (but may still have to pay for) that just make the whole process a bit overwhelming for the average small business or freelancer.

We would suggest picking software that is simple to use and not filled with jargon. Pandle was designed for the average small business owner, particularly those who are new to bookkeeping. It’s one of simplest pieces of software on the market.

Experimenting with automation

Automation, AI – the stuff of science fiction films right? Nowadays most apps and pieces of software will use some form of automation for one simple reason – it makes your life easier. What’s not to like about that?

Automatic features in Pandle mean you waste less time manually inputting data, checking, sending invoices and payment reminders. The software can take care of all of this for you with minimal set up.

It’s free to use

While you’re still experimenting with bookkeeping software, it helps to start off with a free version that doesn’t tie you into any contracts – this is what Pandle can offer you.

If you feel you would benefit from having more features, we also run a Pro version at a low cost of £5 a month plus VAT.

Help Centre support

Pandle has its own Help Centre, packed full of helpful articles and how-to videos to teach you how to use the software and troubleshoot any problems that come up.

Are you interested in giving Pandle a go? Sign up for free here and try it out for yourself or take a look at our videos here for a sneak peek at how Pandle works before you sign up.

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