Cloud-Based Software: Five Top Myths Debunked

What are your thoughts when it comes to cloud technology? You know it’s out there enabling flexibility and growth, but the fear factor sets in, often putting you off using it for your business. Frequently this is due to myths that float around on the grapevine.

But what’s myth and what’s fact? Let’s take a look at these myths under the microscope.

Myth 1 – It’s unreliable

We know that one thing your business can’t be is unreliable. So you need your tech to be reliable for you. This myth probably stemmed from the early days of cloud tech use, when there were glitches, down-time and general problems. Those times are gone.

Now we’re in the good times. Everyone has got a hang of the cloud. Capabilities are understood and glitches have been ironed out. Cloud tech can in fact enable more reliability and consistency rather than hinder it. This is especially true if you do your research on user experiences before adopting a new programme.

Myth 2 – It’s expensive

No one likes spending money they don’t have to. Surely cloud technology comes with a hefty price tag? Wrong.

Many forms of cloud technology are free or low cost. In fact, by subscribing to a cloud-based service you’re never stuck having to pay for new products or updates. Instead, it’s just part of the process. Software hosted on the cloud is generally a more cost-effective solution.

Myth 3 – It’s not secure

This is a biggie and of course we understand your concern. No one wants to take risks with their business data, and neither should they.

With the GDPR now in force, and cloud tech out of its infancy, security considerations are often ill-founded. Do check your chosen cloud technology for their security protocols, but you can generally be sure that high security measures are enforced.

What’s more, you’ve got a secure back-up built in.

Myth 4 – I’ll lose control

Cloud technology actually enables you to keep your business under control. The beauty of cloud software is that you can usually do two things to help this. Firstly, as long as you’ve got internet access you can use the software: wherever you are, whenever.

Secondly, you can set user access permissions at the individual level, giving you complete control over who can see what, and who can do what.

Myth 5 – It’s only good for some things

If you can imagine it, there’s likely a cloud-based software solution to help you. Take a step back here and imagine what cloud tech could do to solve business problems instead of just relying on traditional approaches.

Look at how well the technology fits your needs, not the other way around. It’s also therefore worth looking for flexible and customisable systems which can reflect your business branding.

Don’t be afraid of cloud technology. Instead ask: what can cloud technology do for your business? Try Pandle – free, simple to use cloud accounting software to get your bookkeeping in order.

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