Top Tips to Attract and Retain Millennial Talent

The media might give millennials a bad name – most controversially for claiming that if they want to afford their own property they should stop buying so many ready-made sandwiches – but this generation of modern worker can bring many benefits to your business.

They’re career-driven, socially aware and willing to think outside the confines of convention, which makes them a real asset to your team. Before we look at how you can attract and retain this young talent though, let’s first define who exactly fits the millennial profile…

What is a millennial?

A millennial denotes somebody who was born between the early 1980’s to mid-1990’s and is often also referred to as ‘Gen Y’. Millennials are characterised as being a tech-savvy generation with a healthy work-life balance and even have their own colour named after them.

We’re not here to talk about Millennial Pink though; we’re here to advise you on how you can attract and retain this epoch of talent within your workforce. So, what is Gen Y looking for in a workplace?

The freedom of flexible working

The days of regimented hours and static work are paling in the shadows of modern working life which calls for flexible hours, agile work opportunities and more freedom of movement around the workspace.

Permitting this more personalised approach will be extremely attractive to potential employees with busy lives and various other commitments outside of work.

Give them the workspace they want

According to research carried out by co-working space Mindspace, 34% of 18-24-year-olds are willing to commute an hour each way for the right office and/or facilities. The same study also revealed that 21% have actually rejected a potential employer due to a poorly-designed workspace so it’s essential you meet their requirements.

The results demonstrated that:

  • 25% want more breakout areas
  • 23% want more space for private work
  • 19% want more spaces for brainstorming sessions

Reassess your necessities and luxuries

What might have been considered an impressive work perk five or ten years ago is most probably just considered a necessity by this self-assured generation of employee.

Free tea and coffee and a complimentary gym membership are now just the bare essentials – millennials want pet-friendly workspaces, extensive training and close involvement with their community and local charities.

Integration of work and private life

Increased professional drive and a more fluid approach to working hours means careers and private lives are becoming much more intrinsically connected. Facilitating this blurring of boundaries is one of most effective ways of attracting and retaining millennials and will only further benefit productivity output, motivation levels and your bottom line of business.

Social spaces within the workplace, regular team events and considerations around childcare are great ways to prove you’re considering personal lives as well as professional performance.

If you’ve got any of your own tips or advice on how to attract and retain young talent, share your thoughts in the comments below.

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