New Pandle Feature: General Ledger Report

In case you hadn’t noticed the blistering heat, sizzling BBQs or copious amounts of cider, summer is here!

To celebrate, we’ve decided it’s time for us to sound our new feature klaxon once again – because who needs football and Love Island when you have a brand new feature from your favourite bookkeeping software to enjoy?

So, put your Pimms down for the time being while we tell you about our brand new General Ledger Report.

What is the General Ledger Report?

Pandle’s General Ledger Report has been developed with accountants in mind. Its aim is to simplify the process of checking whether a business has categorised transactions correctly.

The General Ledger Report lists all the transactions for a specific date range, grouping them by the category they belong to.

Pandle general ledger report

In it you will see a breakdown of all your categories, as well as their start balance, credit and debit amounts and their end balance.

You can toggle between a simplified overview and a detailed insight of the report – which displays additional VAT information.

How to use the General Ledger Report

To access the General Ledger Report, head to the Reports page and look under the ‘Exports’ section.

When you click the General Ledger, you’ll see a pop up in which you should enter the date range you would like the report to run under.

Once the report has been produced it will appear under the Calculated Reports section, which will display the status of the report so you can easily see when it’s ready to download.

Pandle general ledger report 1

All your General Ledger Reports will be stored here so you can come back and view them at a later date.

To run the General Ledger Report a user will need a minimum Pandle permission level of ‘Overview’, as is the case with other high-level reports.

Have you tried out Pandle’s General Ledger Report? As always, we’re keen to hear your feedback. Get in touch with with your thoughts on our latest features and we’ll happily listen!


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