How Virtual Reality and Chatbots Are Changing the Recruitment Process

In the accounting sector, we know how quickly technology progresses. With the upcoming Making Tax Digital initiative and the progression of cloud accounting as a widely-used system, it seems like the entire process of accounting is constantly shifting in the direction of new technologies.

And it’s not just accountants that have noticed a change.

In companies all across the world new technologies are changing how different processes take place, and one that’s always been different between companies is becoming even more varied.

If you’ve been to interviews, you’ll know how they already vary from business to business. While some will opt to ask you what animal you would be, others may ask you to perform a task as a group, or come up with a creative solution to a problem.

But now, businesses are throwing technology into the mix, which means you could be up for even more interesting job interviews in the future.

So long CV

What has long been a staple of the recruitment process, the CV, has in some companies been thrown out the window entirely.

As recruiters look for passionate, creative and intuitive thinkers, they’re encouraging you to do away with the everyday stuff and instead show that inner sparkle that really makes you tick.

And now, they’re using technology to help them do just that.

The Guardian recently reported on the businesses that are using unusual hiring methods to find their next employee, including those taking advantage of new technologies.

One of the companies leading the way by weaving tech into their recruitment process is L’Oréal. Rather than sitting you down at a desk to hear about your knowledge of their products, you can be whisked off to test their products, visit their departments and experience their everyday work life – all without moving an inch.

Using Virtual Reality technology, L’Oréal can examine where their candidates are strongest and what they need to work on, as well as monitoring how well they fit into their work environment.

Not only will this mean you’re suited to the job, but they’ll get to know your personality – much easier than trying to decipher it from a CV!

Another company brining technology to the recruitment process is Byte London, a marketing technology agency.

We all know how tedious and mundane filling application forms in can be, which is why Byte London have taken an extra step to make it more entertaining, with the help of a chatbot.

‘Space Gentleman’ will ask you all the questions you would see in an application form, but in a more entertaining way.

Co-founder of Byte London, Jamie Kenny, told The Guardian: “We wanted to reduce the cost of hiring candidates, improve the quality of candidates applying to Byte and make the application more enjoyable.”

And it looks to be working, as he reports that they have reduced the cost of hiring a candidate by 75%, taking on 34 new recruits in the last year.

Will you be adopting technology as part of your recruitment process? Leave a comment in the section below or get in touch on Twitter or Facebook!

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