New Feature: Bank Feeds on Mobile App

We’re pleased to announce that our Bank Feeds feature has now gone live on our mobile app so now you’ll be able to manage all your transactions with a simple tap.

Bank Feeds allow you to sync your bank account with Pandle to automatically import bank statements.

Our mobile app will send you push notifications each time a new banking transaction is fed into Pandle. This notification gives you a heads up to then categorise transactions into different areas of your business, which users will be able to do through the app.

With this feature you’ll save time from manually entering transactions or importing them into an accountancy software because Pandle will do this all without you having to lift a finger.

Eventually, Pandle will begin to automatically categorise transactions based on your previous selections. All you’ll need to do is tap to confirm them, further saving you time.

Bank feeds

We’re big fans of using automation to reduce errors. With an automated bank feed, this rules out errors from manually inputting transactions and ensures the accounts are accurate.

With fewer errors, this means you’ll stay on HMRC’s good side as any discrepancies within accounts or expense claims could run the risk of an unwanted HMRC investigation.

We’ve developed feeds to work with all major banks in the UK so no matter who you’re with, Pandle will be able to help. For a complete list, you can take a look at our Supported Banks here.

If you’re interested in other upcoming features we’ve got lined up, you can take a look at our new features timeline here.

For help and support for our new features, you can head over to our support pages or contact us directly on

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