Submit Your VAT Return Direct From Pandle

VAT Returns are no one’s favourite thing. Aside from the endless number of receipts you have to sort through from the last six years, once you’ve input all the data in your own cloud accounting solution you then have to go to the HMRC portal and re-enter the information there to submit your return.

Well, at Pandle we say no more.

The developers at Pandle HQ have organised direct VAT submission from direct within Pandle – so you don’t need to bother uploading two sets of accounts.

Not only will this save you oodles of time when tax return time rolls around, but you’ll also be less likely to submit mistakes as our intuitive software will alert you to any possible errors.

Struggling to submit your VAT return from Pandle? Have a look at our support pages for help.

What features would you like to see in Pandle? Get in touch with our friendly support staff on

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Make MTD compliant VAT submissions in Pandle

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