Pandle August Updates

Happy September Pandlers! The sun might be setting on summer 2017, but we’re keeping things bright by looking forward at what’s to come from our new features.

Check out what we’ve been up to in August what the Pandle team will be working on through autumn below!

New features

Transaction Exports

The first of our new features is Transaction Exports. While the majority of updates to Pandle are completed as a result of how we envision the software, we aren’t blind to our users’ needs. One of the most important functions of Pandle is ensuring we listen to feedback and implement features that users will find helpful.

That’s why we’ve heard users’ requests for a transaction export which shows all transactions broken down by category and VAT separation for a certain date range. If this was a feature you were looking out for, you can find it under ‘All Reports’.

Customer Invoice Splits

Often when you receive or send an invoice, it will include a written breakdown of the different services. These different services often require a variety of tax codes and categories, which is why we’ve made customer invoice splitting possible in Pandle.

This allows users to break down a customer invoice into multiple categories and therefore, tax codes and rates. This update marks the final piece of the split transactions work.

Small changes

  • Delete button and ignored tab added for file uploads. When a transaction is deleted it will move to the ignored tab so that it can be reinstated easily if necessary
  • Category is not included on View Transactions export
  • Page load on imported bank transactions has been speeded up
  • Companies with high volumes of transactions can now lock their VAT returns without experiencing issues
  • Quote terms now carry across when converting to invoices
  • When entering transactions, if there is only one selection available Pandle now defaults to this selection
  • Bulk printing now enabled for any invoice template style


Currently working on…

PDF Exports

Currently, we have Excel exports for all Pandle reporting. However, we also want to make PDF reports available throughout Pandle. This is a feature we’ll be working on shortly, and will allow users to easily be able to download and print information.


Soon users will be able to create notes anywhere in Pandle and attach them to transactions, customers/suppliers, categories and much more. Users will then be able to look at an overview of all notes created and either filter or search for previous notes. In the future, we’ll attach reminders to notes and include the ability to leave notes for other users, or for your accountant.

Here is a sneak preview!

Pandle Your Notes

Pandle Global Account

The aim of the Global Account is to make Pandle accessible for any base currency. It will facilitate different types of sales tax and will offer multiple languages. We will also be building dedicated versions for key markets, which will be more customised to the needs of those markets.

VAT/EC Sales List Submissions

We are currently working with HMRC to allow Pandle to submit the VAT returns and EC sales lists straight from Pandle. This will mean users will not have to enter the figures into the HMRC portal – they can do it straight from their Pandle account.

Google Cloud Migration

We’re migrating Pandle to Google Cloud. The aim of this move will be to allow us to scale up more easily and will help Pandle maintain a high level of performance. Google Cloud also provides additional tools for AI and machine learning which we will embark upon in future – meaning lots more exciting features to come! We’re switching now so we stay ahead of the game and minimise future disruption for our users.

Receipt Uploading

Being able to upload receipts to your bookkeeping software can be a huge time saver. That’s why we’re working to bring this to Pandle. Users will be able to take a picture of their receipts and attach this to transactions to make filing your Self Assessment a piece of cake.

We plan to make this available in both the Mobile App and the Web app. Additionally, we are exploring an integration with Receipt Bank in case users also want OCR capabilities.

Stripe Payment Processing

Following on from the Stripe Integration just released we will be adding payment processing integration through Stripe which will allow users to include a ‘Pay Now’ button on their invoices in Pandle so that customers can pay instantly using a debit/credit card.

Paypal Integration

Paypal integration will allow users to collect Paypal payments through Pandle as well as automatically pulling transactions from your Paypal account to avoid any manual entry or messy importing. Currency conversions will be handled automatically for you along with the Paypal fees on transactions.

Is there anything you’d like to see in Pandle? Get in touch with our team and let us know about it by emailing If we think it’s a good idea, we’ll start working on it!

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