Pandle June Updates

Despite the weather, our dedicated Pandle team have been working away to get the latest updates out and ready for all our Pandle users. Check out what’s new this month below!

New features

Project Handling

Project handling is now live in Pandle for Pro users! With this new feature, users will be able to tag transactions to a job or project and run reports to see how profitable it is. We imagine this will be particularly useful for construction workers, contractors (such as designers and architects) and other businesses that offer a service.

As this has only just been released, we’ve kept it relatively simple for the time being. Once we’re confident that users are happy with it, we’ll add to it over time with features such as time tracking and much more.

Speed Update

As Pandle has advanced and continued to add more features, you may have noticed slightly longer loading at times. To make sure users have the best experience possible, we’ve addressed this in our latest update, which should significantly increase the speed of navigating around Pandle.

Copying Invoices

Users can now create an invoice with all of the same details as a previous invoice by clicking copy. The information copied over to the new invoice includes customer selection, descriptions, prices, VAT treatments and amounts.

Users can copy an invoice so you can easily keep the same price, customer selection, description and VAT treatments. Unsurprisingly you can do this by clicking ‘Copy’ on the invoice you wish to duplicate.

Small changes

• Updated bank feed descriptions from Yodlee to show more detail
• Added default categories for bulk invoice importing
• Users can now send a test invoice to themselves before sending to a customers
• Dynamic text is now live in the invoice cover emails
• Pandle now disallows entry of transactions more than 9 years in the past and 1 year in the future to prevent date entry errors
• Part paid status has now been added to the invoice view
• Renamed ‘User Settings’ to ‘Profile’ to avoid confusion with Company User Settings
• Added validation to ensure that no transactions are dated before the opening balances date

Currently working on…

PDF Exports

Currently, we have Excel exports for all Pandle reporting. However, we also want to make PDF reports available throughout Pandle. This is a feature we’ll be working on shortly, and will allow users to easily be able to download and print information.


Soon users will be able to create notes anywhere in Pandle and attach them to transactions, customers/suppliers, categories and much more. Users will then be able to look at an overview of all notes created and either filter or search for previous notes.

In the future, we’ll attach reminders to notes and include the ability to leave notes for other users, or for your accountant.

Pandle Global Account

The aim of the Global Account is to make Pandle accessible for any base currency. It will facilitate different types of sales tax and will offer multiple languages. We will also be building dedicated versions for key markets, which will be more customised to the needs of those markets.

VAT/EC Sales List Submissions

We are currently working with HMRC to allow Pandle to submit the VAT returns and EC sales lists straight from Pandle. This will mean users will not have to enter the figures into the HMRC portal.

Google Cloud Migration

We’re migrating Pandle to Google Cloud. This move will allow us to scale up more easily and will help Pandle maintain a high level of performance. Google Cloud also provides additional tools for AI and machine learning which we will embark upon in future – meaning lots more exciting features to come! We’re switching now so to minimise future disruption for our users.

Receipt Uploading

Being able to upload receipts to your bookkeeping software can be a huge time saver. That’s why we’re working to bring this to Pandle. Users will be able to take a picture of their receipts and attach this to transactions to make filing your Self Assessment a piece of cake.

We plan to make this available in both the Mobile App and the Webapp. Additionally, we are exploring an integration with Receipt Bank in case users also want OCR capabilities.

Stripe Integration

We will soon be able to accept payments through Stripe, as well as our own white labelled payment method, Pandle Pay. For users, this will mean you can make a payment directly through Pandle, and also take payments from your customers via a link in your invoice.

Similar to the current Bank Feeds, Stripe and Pandle Pay will bring transactions into Pandle automatically. We’ll be the first cloud accounting software to offer this without a third party add on – so we’re pretty excited about it!

Have you got anything you’d like to see Pandle work on? Leave a comment in the section below or get in touch with our team on the usual email.

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