Are You Making the Most of Business Apps?

If we spoke to you about business apps five years ago, you may have assumed that the email already installed on your phone prior to purchase was the extent of it. Apps was once a word synonymous with Candy Crush, Facebook and Angry Birds: All of which had no place in the business world.

However, things have changes. According to recent research, the use of business-related apps is on the rise. A study conducted by specialist web design and marketing agency Digimax revealed that 58% of business owners work from mobile apps for up to 90 minutes per day.

So, what is it other than email that you can use business apps for? Why have they become so hugely popular when only a couple of short years ago, they were laughed out of the app world?

For a start, they have huge potential to help you manage and grow your own business. As freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners shun employment to follow their own dream, there’s a need for more manageable solutions to everyday business problems. Enter, the apps that can help:


Many business apps are dependent on the use of cloud-technology, which is why platforms like Evernote work so well at keeping your documents safe.

The note-taking app acts as a basic word processor with a small difference. You’re able to upload, update and manage your account from any account without being tied down to one computer of pen drive. This is ideal for anyone with content to write who doesn’t want to deal with lost files or lost time.

Sign up to Evernote here.

Google Drive

If your business is in an office environment, it’s likely you’ll need to store, transfer and access files with minimal fuss. You can do this easily with the use of a cloud storage app such as Google Drive.

Google Drive is among those names by Digimax in their research as one of the new contenders to take over the business app world, and with good reason. It creates a simple way for business owners to share files which otherwise would be lost in the depths of their own server.

Get your own Google Drive account here.


Slack has fast become a necessity for business owners looking to manage a team. While it doesn’t work quite as well for larger businesses due to channels becoming messy and constant notifications, this team messaging app is perfect for those who wish to grow their business and stay up-to-date on everything that’s going on.

The different channels allow you to create topics so you can easily check up on progress and see where you are with different areas of the business. There’s also the option to directly message individuals, so you don’t need to waste time crafting emails for one quick question.

Create a Slack team here.

If you’re still unsure about how business apps can help you progress as an entrepreneur, Shaz Memon, creative director at Digimax had this to say: “The app is becoming an increasingly important tool for business people, allowing them access to a comprehensive range of business tools while away from the office.”

On the future of business apps, Memon commented: “There is still a little way to go, but if technology continues to develop at the rate that it has been – and I can see no reason why it would not – apps will soon allow the smartphone to take the place of the computer and become the primary business tool of professionals.

“It took business a short while to switch on to the potential of the app, but with big names, such as Google, investing heavily in business app development advances are now coming thick and fast.”

Have you invested in business apps to help your business grow? Or do you prefer keeping apps out of business and just for gaming? Leave your comments in the section below or catch up with us on Twitter or Facebook!

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