Pandle May Updates

This month we’ve focused on adding and updating features that users have requested. That’s why we’re so happy to announce their arrival!

Have a read up on the latest additions to Pandle here:

New Features

Bulk Invoice Importing

At the top of the agenda this month was creating a way for users to import invoices to Pandle from a CSV file. This will make the transition to Pandle easier for new users and will allow existing users to easily update any invoice information they currently store on spreadsheets.Pandle

To import your invoices, head to Enter Transactions > Customers tab > + New > Imports. On the next page, choose ‘Customer Invoice Import’ from the drop-down menu and get uploading!

If you run into trouble while trying to import your invoices, check out our Support Pages. If you still don’t find what you’re looking for, send us an email on

Tools Menu

This month we’ve begun making small changes to the Pandle menu. In the main menu bar, you may have noticed the addition of the Tools dropdown menu, which includes Recurring Transactions, Opening Balances Wizard and, if you’re a partnership, Profit Allocation Wizard.

Pandle Menu

This addition is in preparation for a number of features we’ll be adding to Pandle, which you’ll be able to access via the Tools menu. These will include; Projects, Integrations, Notes and a checking tool.

User Permissions

Pandle User Permissions are now available for users of Pandle Pro. This has been an anticipated feature for many Pandle users, especially for small business owners who allow their employees access to their Pandle account.

This feature will allow you to easily manage what each Pandle user is able to access. If, for example, you only want admin staff to view and edit invoices, you can do this by creating a new group from company setting where only invoicing is available. You can then apply this group to the relevant users.Pandle User Permissions

We would recommend you double check the account settings in order to ensure the security of sensitive information. You can do this by simply logging on as the restricted user and checking what accesses the account has.


Small Changes

  • We’re now only displaying bank accounts with a balance other than 0 on the dashboard to reduce clutter
  • We have completed our latest security review and implemented security improvements across Pandle
  • We’ve added address fields to customer CSV exports
  • Multiple users is a feature now only available for Pandle Pro accounts

Coming Soon…

If you haven’t found the feature you were hoping for, check out our upcoming changes that will be taking place in the near future.

Pandle Global Account

We’ve been continuing work on the Pandle Global Account this month, which will allow Pandle to be accessible for any base currency. The Global Account will also include multiple languages and will facilitate different types of sales tax.

Our Global Account will also grow to become specific for key markets, allowing Pandle to become customised to the needs of particular markets.

VAT/EC Sales List Submissions

We’re working with HMRC to allow Pandle users to submit VAT returns directly from Pandle, rather than the HMRC portal. This will save you plenty of time and hassle, so we’ll let you know as soon as this feature becomes available.

Google Cloud Migration

Pandle is moving! We’re migrating to Google Cloud. This will allow Pandle to scale up more easily and maintain a high level of performance as new features are added.

Project Handling

Project Handling will allow Pandle users to tag transactions to a job or project. You will then be able to run reports to determine how profitable the project was. Industries that will benefit from this feature in particular will be construction, contractors (such as designers and architects) and other businesses offering services.

Receipt Uploading

Lots of Pandle users have requested the ability to upload receipts directly to Pandle. We’re working on bringing this to Pandle to help save you time when recording your bookkeeping. You’ll simply need to snap a picture of your receipt and you’ll be able to upload it directly to Pandle. You’ll then be able to attach this to a transaction so you know exactly where it is when Self Assessment season comes around.

We plan to make this available on both the Pandle Web App and the Mobile App.

Stripe Integration

Once Stripe integration is set up in Pandle, users will be able to make a payment directly through Pandle. This will work like a bank feed so transactions will automatically appear in Pandle from Stripe. We’ll be the first cloud accounting software to offer this without having to go through a third party – so we’re pretty excited about it! Once available, we’ll also work on our own white labelled version, Pandle Pay.

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