Why Accountants Need to Set Up Cloud Accounting Now

If you haven’t yet set up cloud accounting in your accountancy firm, you’re definitely missing a trick. There are tonnes of advantages to using cloud accounting, which is exactly why you need to get wriggle on and find the one that’s right for you.

Now more than ever do you need to switch. With HMRC’s switch to Making Tax Digital (MTD) just around the corner, you need to get the software in place in order to create an easy switch. Here are the other reasons why now is the perfect time for you to set up a cloud accounting software solution.

Give clients time to learn

Once you’ve taken on new cloud accounting software, you can then provide access via a white label solution for your clients.

For clients who are familiar with cloud software, this will be a doddle. However, it’s likely that a large number of your clients are still using a spreadsheet, the switchover may not be that simple.

By setting up your own cloud accounting software now, you’re giving users the ability to familiarise themselves with the new system before they’re forced into it through the introduction of Making Tax Digital.

Secure all your data (and your clients’ data)

By setting up cloud accounting today, you’ll be making your data – and your clients’ data – more secure.

Cloud accounting software relies on servers in remote locations, usually a data centre. These centres are built specifically for the purpose of housing a large number of servers, meaning you won’t encounter anyone spilling coffee on them, tripping on a wire or overheating (they’re kept at the optimum temperature needed for servers function at their best rate).

You can check with specific cloud accounting software providers to see the different types of encryption they use and how that keeps your data safe.

Speed up processes

Not only will switching cloud accounting save time by not having to enter data into a spreadsheet, but you’ll make your processes quicker and easier by automating the ones that you’re currently manually updating.

By automating processes, accountants will have more time to advise clients on their accounts and complete accounts quicker. Whether it’s bank feeds, receipt uploading or reports, there are any plenty of processes a cloud accounting software can help you speed up.

Smooth transition to Making Tax Digital

With the transition to Making Tax Digital (MTD) coming up in April 2019, now is the time to get to grips with the cloud accounting software you’re planning on using for you and your clients.

In order to have a smooth switch over to MTD, you need to get yourself used to the system prior to 2019.

Make life easier for both yourself and your clients by setting up cloud accounting software now.

Have you made the switch to a cloud accounting software solution yet? Check out what a partnership with Pandle could offer you and your clients ahead of the switchover to MTD.



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