Pandle April Updates

Happy Easter Pandlers! April has been an especially productive month for us, not only because we’ve been able to welcome lots of news Pandle users in time for the new tax year, but also because of all the updates we’ve been able to share.

The Pandle team have been building up an appetite for Easter eggs by working away in the Pandle burrow and getting all the latest updates rolled out to you. So, while we relax and finish off the remainders of the chocolate, here are your latest updates hot off the press.

New Features

Mobile App

You may have heard, we’ve got a Pandle Mobile App in the works. This is now in the closed beta stages of testing, and will be available for those with Android phones in the coming weeks. Shortly after it will appear in the App Store, so don’t panic if you’re an iPhone user!

If you simply can’t wait to get your mitts on it, you can become a part of the testing stages by registering your interest at

Once released, the app will support only basic invoicing, but we have lots of features to add in the near future.

Customer Credit Limits

Credit limits allow you to impose a limit on the amount a customer owes to you at any one time. If a customer’s balance goes over the specified limit, you will be notified at the point of producing the invoice(s). Credit limits can be entered in Pandle by editing a customer’s details.

Split Transactions

Split transactions for banking is now live. These are transactions that can cover multiple categories (and VAT codes). This can be useful for payments such as employee expenses reimbursement whereby a single payment covers multiple types of expenses.

Split transactions for invoices will follow shortly. Find out how to use Split Transactions here.

Bank Feed Notifications

If you use bank feeds, you’ll now see a bank icon in the top right corner of Pandle. We’ll issue notifications here if we become aware of any issues with our third-party bank feed provider pulling transactions from any particular banks, as well as updates when those issues are resolved.

If you have any concerns about your bank feeds when there is no relevant notification, then please get in touch.

Pandle Status Page and Twitter Account

In order to keep users informed about any problems Pandle may be encountering, we’ve created a Pandle Status page. If there are any outages, however minor, we’ll post them here so you know about it.

We’ll also be tweeting any problems Pandle is having, so you don’t miss anything. You can follow the Twitter account here.

Cash Flow Improvements

We’ve made some behind-the-scenes improvements to our cash flow report, which should result in much faster load times. This should also resolve the errors that some users have been seeing.

Interactive Help

We’ve been working on expanding and clarifying our interactive help. Click the question mark icon in the top right corner of Pandle to see links to our help centre, as well as targeted help for the form field you’re currently filling in. If you think there’s something we should explain better, please get in touch.

Small Changes

✓ Polished design of bank transaction show view

✓ When filtering in View Transactions, a start date or end date can now be entered rather than both being required

✓ Improvements to various error messages to help users better understand issues

✓ Improvement to dividend availability dashboard widget

✓ Implemented invoice drill down on customer transactions view

✓ Reordering of the collapsible panels in the interactive help to more intuitive positions

✓ We’ve made some behind-the-scenes improvements to our cash flow report, which will result in much faster load times. This should also resolve the errors that some users have been seeing

Coming Soon…

PDF Exports

We have Excel exports for all of our reporting but there are places where PDF reports are not available. Luckily, we will shortly be working on adding professional PDF exports for our reporting which can be printed or downloaded.

Pandle Global Account

We will soon be opening up Pandle to the rest of the world with the Global Pandle Account.

The aim of the Global Account is to make Pandle accessible for any base currency. It will facilitate different types of sales tax and will offer multiple languages. We will also be building dedicated versions for key markets, which will be more customised to the needs of those markets.

We have recently acquired which will serve as our new domain for our customers around the world.

VAT/EC Sales List Submissions

We are currently working with HMRC to allow Pandle to submit the VAT returns and EC sales lists straight from Pandle. This will mean users will not have to enter the figures into the HMRC portal.

Project Handling

We hope to be able to offer Pandle users Project Handling soon. With Project Handling, you will be able to tag transactions to a job or project and run reports to see how profitable it was. This should be useful for construction workers, contractors such as designers and architects and other businesses that offer a service.

Bulk Invoice Importing

Lots of users ask us if they are able to import invoices from a CSV file. Whilst we can do this for customer/supplier details and banking transactions, it is not yet possible to import invoices. We have started work on this feature and hope to release it in the near future.

Receipt Uploading

Being able to upload receipts to your bookkeeping software can be a huge timesaver. That’s why we’re working to bring this to Pandle. Users will be able to take a picture of their receipts and attach this to transactions to make filing your Self Assessment a piece of cake.

We plan to make this available in both the Mobile App and the Webapp. Additionally, we are also exploring an integration with Receipt Bank in case users also want OCR capabilities.

Stripe Integration

Stripe integration (and Pandle Pay – a white labelled version) will allow users to make payment through Pandle and will work like a bank feed so transactions come into Pandle automatically from Stripe (we will be the first cloud accounting software to offer this without a third party add on).

Google Cloud Migration

We have are migrating Pandle to Google Cloud. This will allow us to scale up much more easily and will help keep a high level of performance for our users. Google Cloud also provides additional tools for AI and machine learning which we will embark upon in future. By switching now, we’ll minimise future disruption for users.

Have we missed something? Add your update ideas to the Pandle list by sending us an email on

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