Pandle February Updates

Happy February, folks! Take a break from huddling around the heater and check out what’s new with Pandle this month.

New features


Customer StatementsLive in Pandle

You can now send your customer a Customer Statement, where they can see a breakdown of the invoices/credit notes you have sent them along with the payments they have made.

This is useful if you are asked for a breakdown from your customer, as you’ll be able to present this information to them professionally.

Read more about our new Customer Statements here!


Cash Flow ReportingLive in Pandle

This additional report is our first step to more advanced reporting within Pandle. This report allows users to analyse a full breakdown of their cash flow based on historic transactions.


Pandle Help CentreLive in Pandle

We’ve been working on our Pandle support pages, which we’re happy to announce are now live!

After so many Pandle users were getting in touch with similar questions and queries, creating a support community seemed like the perfect solution.

You can read more about our support pages here.


Small changes

✓ Updated currency reporting method for receivables and payables reports to align with remainder of reports in Pandle

✓ Improved speed when filtering transactions by category in ‘View Transactions’

✓ Links to the Pandle Support Pages have now been included on the interactive help bar

✓ The help videos on our YouTube channel have been replaced to match the updated user interface

✓ Loading time when switching between companies has been reduced


Currently working on…


Pandle AppPandle pro

We’re getting ever so closer to releasing the Pandle App to our users, and we for one can’t wait.

Once first released, you’ll be able to invoice through the app.  Quotations, banking and other features will be released once we’re confident that users are happy with the app, and any bugs are fixed.


Split TransactionsPandle update

We’ll soon be working on split transactions so when you enter an invoice into Pandle you may separate the transactions for one invoice.


Dividend Availability and VouchersPandle update

For those users with limited companies we will soon be providing information on how much is possible to take in dividends at any point in time (assuming transactions are up to date).

Pandle will also create the dividend vouchers and minutes for your records. A corporation tax estimate in real time will also be part of this feature.


PDF ExportsPandle update

We have Excel exports for all of our reporting but there are places where PDF reports are not available. We will be working on adding professional PDF exports for our reporting which can be printed or downloaded.


Pandle Global AccountPandle pro

We will soon be opening up Pandle to the rest of the world with a global Pandle account which can be used in any base currency, and which will facilitate different types of sales tax and will offer multiple languages.

We will also be building dedicated versions for key markets which will be much more customised to the needs of those markets.

We’re excited to announce that we have just acquired, which will serve as our new domain for our customers around the world.


VAT/EC Sales List Submissionspandle pro only

We are currently working with HMRC to allow Pandle to submit the VAT returns and EC sales lists straight from Pandle. This will mean users will not have to enter the figures into the HMRC portal.


User Permissions

A popular request is to restrict certain users of a Pandle account from seeing certain information. So for example, if you have an employee who creates the customer invoices but you do not want them to see the banking information then you will be able to set permissions to reflect this.

Got a feature idea you think Pandle should implement? Drop us a comment below or get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook.

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