Pandle January Updates

There’s no January blues to be seen at Pandle HQ! We’re far too excited for the year ahead, and even more so to share it with our wonderful users.

We’ve had a slight lull in developments this month as we’ve been hoovering up the rest of the Christmas Roses (if you want to rant about the upsetting change of packaging we are available for this on Twitter). However there are some new features to report, lucky for you!

New features

Live in Pandle

Recurring Adjustments

After recently including Recurring Invoices in Pandle, this month we’re introducing Recurring Adjustments. These will allow users to set adjustments at a set frequency for a set amount of time, which will be useful for adjustments such as depreciation, director’s salary and much more!

Improvements to View TransactionsLive in Pandle

We have added advanced filtering to View Transactions for more flexibility. So for instance, if you want to delete all sales invoices with a certain word in the description, or if you want to view transactions from one certain bank account then you can do this.

Pandle transactions

All you need to do is click the button highlighted above in the View Transactions page and input how you want to categorise your transactions.

Refresh function for bank feedsPandle pro

Users who have been using bank feeds with multi-factor authentication (i.e. a card reader or fob required to login to online banking) have experienced an issue whereby their bank feeds are not updating.

We have been working with our partner Yodlee to rectify this issue, and have now implemented a button which refreshes the bank feed when required. This means that when these users complete their banking they may need to use their card reader. Banks that were affected included HSBC & Barclays.

If you’re still struggling with this after the update, please send us an email at

Small changes

✓ Increased conversion rate precision. For users dealing in currencies with very high exchange rates there could be inaccuracies due to rounding. This issue has now been resolved

✓ Added icons to buttons in EC sales lists

✓ CSV download symbol made consistent throughout Pandle

✓ Added recurring wages adjustments as well as standard adjustments

✓ Amended various error messages to give more user friendly explanations

✓ Improved table widths on opening balances wizard

✓ Pending transactions in bank feeds separated into a new tab for user convenience

✓ Removal of inline help. Inline help used to give field explanations on hover over. However, due to display issues this has now been removed and is displayed in the interactive help only

✓ Added CSV export buttons to all tabs in the imported bank transactions screen

✓ UI improvements to user settings page, for increased clarity

✓ Audit trails on invoices now display a link to the invoice payments for improved convenience

✓ Polished user interface for EC sales lists to be more consistent with the VAT interface.


Coming soon

Pandle Global Account Pandle pro

We will soon be opening up Pandle to the rest of the world with our Pandle Global Account. You’ll be able to use Pandle in any base currency, and it will facilitate different types of sales tax and offer multiple languages. We will also be building dedicated versions for key markets which will be much more customised to the needs of those markets.

Mobile App/APIPandle update

The developers are working on our mobile app at the moment which will allow users to create and send quotes and invoices and complete their banking.

Customer StatementsPandle update

We will soon be implementing Customer Statements to allow you to send your customer a breakdown of the invoices/credit notes you have sent them, along with the payments they have made. This is useful if you are asked for a breakdown from your customer as you’ll be able to present this information to them in a professional way.

User Permissions (to be confirmed)

A popular request is to restrict certain users of a Pandle account from seeing certain information. For example, if you have an employee who creates the customer invoices but you do not want them to see the banking information then you will be able to set permissions to reflect this.

Split TransactionsPandle update

At the moment, if you receive an invoice from a supplier which relates to separate categories then it is not possible to enter it properly in Pandle. For example, if a stationery supplier invoices you for paper and also a printer you would need to separate the categories (and possibly the VAT treatment) for each item. We will shortly be working to make this possible.

Dividend Availability and VouchersPandle update

For those users with limited companies we are providing information on how much is possible to take in dividends at any point in time (assuming transactions are up to date). Pandle will also create the dividend vouchers and minutes for your records. A corporation tax estimate in real time will also be part of this feature.

Cash Flow ReportingPandle update

This additional report is our first step to more advanced and useful reporting within Pandle. This report will allow users to analyse a full breakdown of their cash flow based on historic transactions.

Cash Flow Forecastingpandle pro only

The cash flow report will also include a graph and the ability to forecast for our Pro users. Forecasting will allow you to set future cash flow goals and view trends in your cash flow which should lead to better more informed business decisions being made.

VAT/EC Sales List Submissions Pandle pro

We are currently working with HMRC to allow Pandle to submit the VAT returns and EC sales lists straight from Pandle. This will mean users will not have to enter the figures into the HMRC portal.

Are you having a problem with Pandle? Or is there something you think we should be trying out that you can’t see on this month’s features? Leave us a comment below or email us with your feedback.


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