New Feature: Transactions Filtering

We’ve been busy elves at Pandle HQ, and that’s not just because we’ve been getting our Secret Santa gifts ready!

We always welcome your feedback and ideas, and when we agree with them, we do our best to make changes to the Pandle software that will improve your experience.

Pandle has received lots of feedback on how transactions are categorised, with users often asking for more choice on how to categorise transactions.

So, we’ve made some changes. Now, you can filter your transactions by date range, transactions type, category, bank account and tax code. You can also revert back to normal sorting with just the click of a button.

How to turn on transactions filtering

In order to access this feature just head to the ‘View Transactions’ page. This is where you can view all your recorded expenses and invoices.

On the top right of the transactions section is an icon (highlighted below). Clicking this icon will reveal a drop down menu with fields to fill in, from date to tax code.

Pandle transactions

Et voila! Your transactions can now be ordered however you would like them to be.

Have you got any ideas for Pandle improvement? Send an email to or send in your ideas to us on Twitter or Facebook.

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