Majority of freelancers unperturbed by “turbulent business landscape”

90% of freelancers are still happier working independently after the EU Referendum result, with their desire to work unhampered, a survey has reported.

The survey, undertaken by Talmix, involved interviewing 27,000 working freelancers, 89% of whom said they were happier working for themselves compared to being in their previous job; despite the economic uncertainty the Brexit vote has created.

83% of those surveyed cited the benefits of being an independent contractor to include a better work-life balance and the chance of increased earnings.

Freelancers have also remained optimistic on their work position in spite of the recent gig economy headlines, in particular, the recent Uber ruling. While the dubious definition of employee could cause trouble for some freelancers, it seems the majority do not view it as an obstacle, or a reason to be put off freelancers.

Daniel Callaghan, CEO and founder of Talmix, said: “It is interesting to see that despite a very turbulent business landscape, freelance consultants are still confident of their choice to leave full-time employment.”

Callaghan went on to comment on the opportunities available for those looking to freelance in the future, and the effect of the gig economy on those prospects: “With the recent news surrounding the ‘gig economy’ it is heartening to see that for the most talented individuals the freelance world is exceptionally attractive.

“Crucially, consultants on our platform are enjoying this with no drop in income and are able to experience the best of both worlds.”

What’s your view on freelancing since the referendum result? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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