The Good Web Guide Website of the Year Awards

It’s been a busy week for the Pandle team. Not only have we been reading and taking on board your feedback from our survey and cracking on with implementing updates on the Pandle software, we’ve also been on a night out to The Good Web Guide Website of the Year Awards ceremony! 

The event took place on Monday night at the historic library of The Royal Institution of Great Britain in London.

Pandle were delighted to be announced winners of the Finance category. We’ve even been introducing our award to its new home at Pandle HQ!

The Good Web Guide Awards 2016 - Pandle


We received some wonderful feedback from leaders in the tech industry while at the awards too. Here’s what a few people had to say about Pandle.

Rasha Khawaja, founder and CEO of Toucan, a unique ecosystem that drives the growth of creative start-ups, said:

“Pandle is an impressive example of a clean and clear user experience, and an original platform that seems to be resolving a genuine problem. I suggested it to my team immediately.”

Stefano Maruzzi, vice president of GoDaddy EMEA:

“Clean website that offers visitors exactly what they need to know in both words and through the image chosen for the homepage.”

Sam Crocker, digital director at the missiontm said:

“For what is potentially a dry subject matter in bookkeeping, it’s very well done.  Very well presented, plain talking and clear alongside some very nice functional and content touches to support the offer.”

Leon Fear, entrepreneur and property investor and developer:

“Pandle provides a very clear message and is easy to navigate. Book Keeping is essential in any organisation and is often an area in which SMEs as well as larger businesses fall down but it is absolutely crucial to the running of a successful enterprise, so this simple to use website provides a much needed service in my opinion.

“The design is eye-catching and the whole website functions well on a smartphone which is key for people on the move. It is one of the freshest websites I’ve seen for a while.”

We’re delighted with both the award and the response from industry leaders – a big fat thank you from all of us at Pandle HQ!



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