Pandle November Updates

Hello again Pandle friends!

We’ve had quite a hectic time of it this month, so we’re ready to put our feet up with a cuppa and tell you all about this month’s release: Pandle Pro!

It’s been in the works for a while which is why we’re over the moon to finally be able to share it with all our lovely Pandle users.

To upgrade to Pandle Pro you just need hit the Subscriptions section at the top right hand side of the page.

Pandle pro subscription

Invoice Customisation – Live in Pro

We’ve so far implemented six additional invoice templates, which are now active to all Pandle Pro users.

We’ll continue to add to the template library over time so you never run out of choice; our plan is to include up to 20 different invoice designs!

If you have a creative flair and want to suggest some ideas for a template or even want to mock one up, we welcome all suggestions so please do get in touch.

You can read more about Pandle invoice templates here: Invoice Templates.

Bank Feeds – Live in Pro

As well as invoice customisation live in pro, bank feeds are also ready to go!

We told you a little while ago about how we’d partnered with Yodlee to bring bank feeds to Pandle. This cut out the need for CSV imports and allowed us to apply algorithms to better understand your transactions, which will help with automatic categorisation.

For a look at how to activate your bank feeds and a bit of general information, check out our Bank Feeds Guide.

Pandle Partner Account

Pandle Partner Accounts are now live for accountants and bookkeepers big and small.

This special Pandle account will allow you to switch seamlessly between your clients. You can also set up an account on behalf of you client, or they can set up their own and give you access.

This means you can work on the account together in real time, meaning explaining processes just became a whole lot easier.

A Pandle Partner Account is free to set up and has a monthly fee of £2.50 +VAT per user, with no minimum users.


This month we’re also introducing Brandle, a white label account specifically for accountants and bookkeepers.

Brandle offers all the features of a Pandle Partner Account, but we’ll also give you your own version of the software, hosted on a domain of your choosing under your own company banner and brand.

One of the great things about Brandle is that it can offer many advantages to accounting firms including the ability to make your own customisations, features, designs and much more.

If you’re interested in a Brandle white label account, please send us an email.

Small changes

When we haven’t been busy with the release of Pandle Pro, we’ve been doing our best to update some of the smaller changes that users have requested. This month these include:

  • Better explanation of wait time for user when large numbers of transactions are being imported
  • Added link to invoice settings in company settings for convenience
  • Adjusted PAD invoice margins to make more presentable
  • Updated the date format in modal view of adjustments to be consistent with rest of software
  • Added the ability to sort invoices by status in view invoices
  • Added invoice status to export from view invoices
  • Restyling of quote an invoice template selection carousel (included in Pro)
  • Restricting entry of manual banking transactions to one account at a time. We noticed some users make errors due to the previous flexibility. We have also removed previous entries shown above as this caused user confusion
  • Separated invoice settings from company settings
  • Discount field on invoicing can now be switched on and off – in invoice settings
  • Separate terms box is now available for quotes – in invoice settings
  • New invoice actions such as bulk printing to PDF or printer
  • Custom billing units have been added (see invoice settings) for hours/days/widgets etc.
  • Ability to send a request to your accountant to invite them to use Pandle added

If you have any small changes you’d like to see in Pandle, get in touch either through email or in the comment section below. If we believe there’s a need for the change, we’ll implement it!

Coming Soon

We might have had a busy November but there’s no chance we’re letting up for December – we have Pandle Christmas presents to deliver to all our wonderful users! Here are some of the things we’ll be working on through winter.

Pandle Global Account (Pandle Basic and Pro)

Currently Pandle is only available to users within the UK, but we want to change that. Why would we limit our great service to only UK users when the rest of the world’s small businesses are in need of a simplified bookkeeping service too?!

You’ll be able to use any currency with a Pandle Global account, and it will also facilitate different sales tax as well as being available in multiple languages.

Recurring Adjustments (Pandle Basic)

Not too long ago we implemented a recurring invoices feature for Pandle. Since many users welcomed the change, we started to think how we could improve other areas in a similar way.

Recurring adjustments will allow users to set adjustments at a set frequency for a set amount of time. This will be useful for adjustments such as depreciation and director’s salary, amongst others.

Customer Statements (Pandle Basic)

Customer statements will essentially be a more in depth invoice that you will be able to present to customers if they ask for it. This will be a professional way of presenting the information and will save you time as you won’t need to break it down yourself.

User Permissions

One of the most popular requests we’ve had to implement across Pandle is the ability to restrict certain users from certain information.

For example, if you have an employee who creates customer invoices, but you don’t want them to have access to the company’s banking information, you can set the user permissions to reflect this.

Improvements to View Transactions (Pandle Basic)

We’ll be working on improvements to the view transactions screen and adding functionality to it. So if you want to delete only sales invoices, you’ll be able to do this by entering a certain word of your choice into the description. Simple!

Split Transactions (Pandle Basic)

Currently it is not possible to enter an invoice into Pandle that includes different categories. We want to change that.

So if your stationary supplier invoices you for paper and a printer, we would make it possible for you to be able to separate the categories and VAT treatment (if necessary) for each item.

Dividend Availability and Vouchers (Pandle Basic)

For those with limited companies, we’re planning on providing information on how much is possible to take in dividends at any point (assuming transactions are up to date).

We also plan on creating dividend vouchers and minutes for your records. We will also include a corporation tax estimate as part of this feature too.

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Just leave us a bit of feedback and you could be in with the chance, so don’t miss out!

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Have you got any ideas for improvement to make to Pandle? Or do you want to tell us what you think of Pandle Pro? You can leave your comments in the section below or contact us on Twitter and Facebook!

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